A bunch of stuff -- 06/28/12

Dick had asked me to show some examples of Adam's welding. Here are some of the little robot-like creatures he likes to make. They average about seven or eight inches high (although there are some smaller and some taller).

I believe that most of the ones that were on exhibit in that Thursday thru Sunday show were on small metal skateboards (these pictures were taken about a year and a half ago). When he was first out of college (BA in Fine Arts/Photography) Adam used to insist that you could tell a real photographer by how many hours they spent in darkrooms up to their elbows in chemicals. In those days he was a professional free lance photographer and also worked on some indie films either as art director or as photographer, etc. Then he went to work for an advertising agency. Everything he touches is digital and he spends his time with massive databases of photographs and artwork and video clips, etc. I guess it is natural then that he would turn his artistic impulses to truly solid work.

I only have today and tomorrow left to be a full time employee. (Well, technically, I am a full time employee until midnight Saturday.) So next week I will (in theory) be working just 60% of full time. I say "in theory" because there is a holiday smack in the middle of the week. Also, I am in the middle of reviewing a course and my manager had asked me if I could try to arrange my schedule so that I would work on a given course until it was complete and then take time off. So, if a particular project looked as if it would take six days to do, would I mind working six days and then taking four off -- but only if it fit my personal schedule and that my personal requirements would take precedent. I don't have any particular problem with that. If I do finish this course next Thursday, I will take that Friday off.

Jill and I are going to be doing a four mile race on Wednesday. That should be interesting seeing as how I have not done a four mile run since the James Joyce 10k back at the end of April. Ah well, so maybe I will take a walking break from time to time. The town fireworks will be that night. So... run the race, take an afternoon nap, do a bit of work in the garden, have dinner, go to the fireworks that night. Sounds like a good holiday to me.

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