And it's only Tuesday -- 06/19/12

So, to start off, here is a photograph of Jeremy and Nancy, taken in our backyard just before Nancy and I went off to a party.

Jeremy then showed up in the late afternoon on Sunday with bags of groceries and proceeded to whip up a multi-course Father's Day feast. This included a couple of six packs of deliciously cold LandShark Lager (complete with some sliced lemon wedges to insert in the bottles).

The pictures below show one of his appetizer courses: Chicano style corn on the cob. On the left, the beginning... some cooked ears of corn, snapped in half (with slices of lime sitting on top). On the right, the ready-to-eat result: take a piece of corn, spread on a mixture of mayonnaise and sour cream; sprinkle with some cayenne pepper and just a tiny amount of cumin; add a pinch of shredded Parmesan cheese; squeeze on a few drops of lime juice from one of those lime wedges. Mmmm, delicious.

Another course is shown below: meatballs made with ground turkey, coated with cheese, each parked on top of a slice of garlic bread, the entire thing fresh out of the oven.

The final course (I've skipped a couple for lack of space... and lack of photographs that weren't fogged by steam) was tacos... to make these, Jeremy had wrapped pieces of pork in bacon, put in a skillet on the stove (my cast iron skillet, which could then go into the oven). When cooked through, they were then sliced up. Place a taco shell on a plate. Spread some of that mayonnaise and sour cream mixture (earlier used on the corn), then add some rice and beans (the rice was steamed Jasmine rice; the beans had been cooked with a fist full of rosemary). Next add some of the pork and bacon. Squeeze some lime juice on. Roll up the taco shell and enjoy..

After eating far too much food (but it was so delicious that none of us could resist -- especially me) Jill brought out a surprise she had made: peanut butter cups. Yes, sort of like those little peanut butter cups you might buy to hand out at Halloween, but oh so much better. Real melted chocolate and real peanut butter. Exquisite..

Fortunately, Nancy and I had spent more than an hour working out at the YMCA before breakfast that morning and in the afternoon had put hours into yardwork and gardening.

If any of you are going to be in New York -- especially in the East Village, Chinatown, co-op city area, there is an art show and sale running from Thursday June 21st thru Sunday June 24th at Krughaus -- 47 Monroe Street, NY, NY 10002. Adam is one of the artists participating in the show with some of those little welded figures he makes.

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