A garden party -- 06/17/12

Friends were having a garden party on Saturday (on the occasion of a birthday) with a Merchant-Ivory theme. (For those of you who are not cinema buffs, Ismael Merchant and James Ivory were a producer-director team who produced a long series of critically-acclaimed films.)

I wore a tux (thinking of Anthony Hopkins as the butler in The Remains of the Day). This picture was taken in our backyard, before we left for the party...

The rest of these pictures were actually taken at the party. Most of the attendees wore garden party type attire, but many were more specifically Merchant-Ivory themed. Merchant was from India (Ivory was American) and their early films were all English language films made in India, often based on literary stories written by English authors.

The following picture is of our hosts -- the birthday celebrant with the drink in his hand.

There are beautiful views of pastures and woods around them, the pastures all divided by traditional New England stone walls. The pastures are mostly for horses, but I understand that the furthest one usually has cows in it. (That hammock certainly looks inviting).

And here's a view of the party and their house. It was a multi-generational party that included babies as well as people who were even older than I am.

Below, that is Nancy on the left.

A very enjoyable afternoon and early evening.

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