I do still exist -- 06/12/12

So some photographs just to prove that I still exist despite my infrequent updates here....

Well, busy... just busy... Involved in a bunch of stuff and just not finding the energy left at the end of the day... should I say in the remains of the day? (We are going to a birthday party this weekend that has a Merchant Ivory theme to it and thinking along the lines of Remains of the Day and wearing my tux and going as Anthony Hopkins as the butler. Told Nancy she should see if she could do herself up as the Emma Thompson role.)

So... If this is about me, here's a picture of me... I look stoned. I was perfectly sober, just drinking coffee....

See, just coffee...

Yes, I am so looking forward to July 1st. Well, that's a Sunday, so it's not really in the equation, but the switch to working 60% of the time is effective as of the second half of the year... which means July.

Of course I've not had official word yet, but both my first and second line managers have signed off on it, so I am not expecting any problems... And the company has almost three weeks left to make up its corporate mind... but what could go wrong...

So... I continue to be clumsy.

Jill and I went out for a run around lunchtime today, laps of the neighborhood (one mile per lap) and coming along (gasping and wheezing) I managed to stray too close to the left curb and managed somehow to just brush the edge of a mailbox and rip a big hole in my sleeve (and a small scrape on my arm).

Hey, but no stitches needed!
Well, just wanted to assure you that I have not been swept out to sea nor have I run off to join the circus.

I do have lots to babble on about (me? at a lost for words? Not too likely) and I hope to get back into the habit of posting here regularly -- well, certainly more regularly than I've been doing so far this year...

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