Something is always going on -- 05/24/12

Crochetlady asked what I am going to do when I cut back my work hours (beginning with the first week of July!) and one thought is that maybe I will have time to breathe. It seems as if I am busy all week and then busy all weekend as well...

For example, the weekend before last, Mother's Day weekend. That Saturday Nancy was gone all day, off interviewing potential bishops. (I think I mentioned this a couple of entries back: the Episcopal Bishop for Rhode Island is retiring and Nancy is involved in the interview process, so she spent the morning and afternoon interviewing the five candidates who had made it through the preliminary part of the process.) While she was doing that, I mowed the lawn in back and whacked weeds, etc. She got home in time for us to have a quick dinner and meet three of her sisters and her mother to see Nunsense (still lots of fun -- the actress playing the mother superior had played the same role when it had opened on Broadway!). And then, on Sunday morning, our dining room looked like this...

Nancy had invited those same three sisters (all of whom are moms -- seven children among them... and three grandchildren) plus, of course, my mother-in-law for a Sunday Mother's Day brunch. I did the fruit salad but Nancy baked the muffins and cooked bacon and made two kinds of French toast (one kind from challah and one kind from pane dolche). In the afternoon Nancy was off tutoring and I mowed the front lawn, etc.... And then Jeremy came over to cook a Mother's Day feast for Nancy (and Jill and I got to eat as well). The picture below is of a BLT appetizer that he made to start things off...

Garlic bread made from French baguette, mayonnaise infused with honey and various herbs, plus (of course) bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

Busy week and then on Friday I took a long lunch to help set up for a library book sale. No, I didn't need any stitches this time. We got all set up for the sale and I came home to finish off my afternoon working... only to discover that I did not have a house key with me and I could not get in the house. Okay, well, it's a warm and sunny day, I will just sit on the front porch and read until Nancy comes home from work. She should be home any minute now... And then I remembered that she had an eye doctor's appointment up in North Kingstown. She got home a few minutes past four. I logged into my work computers and then decided that rather than work until eight o'clock, I would just take a half day of vacation time. Worked the book sale on Saturday (and, of course, the hard work comes in the hour or so afterward when we have to pack things up and put stuff away, and it's an hour or so of packing boxes of books and carrying them around). It was a successful sale.

Then on Monday night I had the business meeting of the Friends of the Peace Dale Library... which occurs at the same time as our writer's group meeting. At least this meant I didn't have to feel bad about not having had time to actually write anything all week. (And Nancy missed the meeting because she had too big a stack of paperwork from school and Jill had to work until 8 p.m.)

Then Tuesday night was the official dedication of the statue of Chief Canonchet, Chief Sachem of the Narragansetts (during the time of King Philip's War) to be followed by a talk at the Narragansett Towers (just on the other side of those trees you can see behind the gazebo). I thought I could snap some photographs for the historical society... except somehow I got it into my head that the ceremony and the talk were tonight rather than on Tuesday.

Okay, one more food photo -- I've mentioned pecan-encrusted salmon before -- last night I thought to take a photograph of it. Wild Alaskan salmon (the market had just gotten some in yesterday, don't even bother to ask about the price) so this is salmon encrusted with a mixture of crushed pecans and panko crumbs ("glued" on with a mix of honey, dijon mustard, and butter) steamed white asparagus and broccoli (with some snipped chives and a sprig of parsley) on top of rice pilaf, and a mesclun mix salad with sliced red onion and a slice of a red pepper. (The chives and parsley are from my garden, the rest is via a supermarket.) And a couple of lemon slices.

So all week long I seem to think "ah, the weekend's coming, I can relax" and then I run around all weekend...

I'm looking forward to this weekend though... Adam & Leah & the boys are coming up on Saturday.

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