Birthday pictures -- 05/03/12

Some snapshots of Sunday evening at our house...

Jeremy is getting ready to cook the steak and the chicken for the dinner he was fixing for us. (Yes, as a restaurant manager, he has taken the food safety courses and has state food safety certification -- and he does take that stuff very seriously, thus the latex gloves.) Nancy is lending a hand by washing up some of the pots and pans used in preparing the various appetisers. And Jill, who ran the 10k with me that morning -- and who had been hit by Achilles tendon pain with a quarter mile to go so she had to limp across the finish line -- is standing back, beer in hand, observing the food preparation process.

Jeremy making use of multiple burners. It is fascinating to watch him multi-tasking with all of the various foods he is preparing. And he usually keeps up with the general conversation and also tells us about what he is cooking and how he is preparing it.

So here we are gathered 'round the table in our dining room (freshly painted by Nancy & Jill -- although the picture makes them look as if they have a slight blue tint but they are white). That's Jill, Tom, Janet, me, Jane (Nancy's mother), and Jeremy. (Photograph taken by Nancy.)

And here's Nancy and me...


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