Another birthday -- 04/30/12

Yes, I had another birthday. I hit 69 on Sunday...

On Saturday Nancy's sister Janet and her husband Tom took Nancy and me to see the stage adaptation of the Singing in the Rain musical at URI as a birthday present. We went to Burger Shack for dinner and then went over to the university theatre for the play. (It was marvelous -- and, yes, they really did have a wet singing in the rain scene.)

Sunday morning Jill and I drove up to Dedham (a suburb of Boston) for this year's edition of the James Joyce Ramble 10k race. This is the race that has actors in period costume all along the course reading selections from the works of James Joyce.

Yes, yet another of our traditional post-race father-daughter photographs -- on the grounds of the Endicott estate in Dedham. That's the Endicott mansion behind me in the picture. We are standing on the many acres of lawn being used for parking for the event. The various tents and booths and such for the event are on the other side of the mansion. This includes the Harpoon beer tent where Jill was refused a beer because she did not have ID with her and they thought she looked too young (She is going to be 30 in a few days). Yes, this is the same thing that happened to her a year and a half ago when she was not allowed into the beer tent after running a half marathon up in New Hampshire.

(Yeah, I suppose I could use a haircut. I had been thinking about getting one this past week but never had the time.)

And here is a picture of the back of this year's James Joyce Ramble t-shirt. This is a large bit of artwork -- fills the full back of the shirt, James Joyce with a book in one hand and a clock in the other, standing in front of a Mayan calendar.

Sunday evening Jeremy came over and fixed a birthday feast. (Janet & Tom and Nancy's mom joined us for dinner.) Jeremy made an awesome meal -- two pitchers of sangria (one white, one red), multiple appetizer dips, awesome garlic bread, and a multi-dish dinner that included both steak and chicken and more kinds of awesome flavored side dishes than I could count. I took some pictures; I will have to transfer them from camera to computer and see how they look. Maybe tomorrow.

Right now I need to get some sleep. I was up at four o'clock this morning to take Jill up to Logan Airport (Boston) so she could catch a flight to California. I am too sleepy to play with Photoship right now.


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