It's the weekend -- 04/21/12

Ah, a weekend indeed.

This will be short because I am very tired... and also because right now Jill is in the kitchen making dirt and worms.

You know, dirt and worms, that concoction made of crushed oreo cookies and chocolate pudding and gummy worms. Jeremy is having a few friends over to his place tonight and Jill was going bake some cookies or a cake to bring but then she decided that it had been ages and ages since she had had dirt and worms, so that is what she is making.

But when she finishes, then I will be heading into the kitchen to fix dinner for Nancy and me. I've got a good amount of wild Alaska salmon... yeah, I know, not the season for them... these were "previously frozen"... (although the early runs in Alaska should be starting in another week or two)... When I drove down Main Street in Wakefield this afternoon I noticed a number of people gathered near the fishladders that help migratory fish get past a dam on the Saugatucket River, some with cameras, so I am guessing that probably they were watching fish (probably herring?) going up the fish ladders.

The reason I am tired is that I covered five and a half miles this afternoon -- most of it running/jogging but I deliberately walked a mile and a half of it. Jill and I are entered in a 10k race a week from tomorrow. I've not really been training for running. I think that since we were in that three mile race at the beginning of March, I've (at best) gone out for a run maybe once a week... and usually only for two miles. Using a stair-stepper or exercise bike at the YMCA (or the exercise bike in our basement) may be good aerobic exercise, but it is not specific training for running. My slacking off on running is because running hurts. Well, not the running itself, but my bunions do not like it and they get even afterwards by sending pain signals... especially from my left foot. It's enough that for the past couple of months I have been considering corrective surgery. So, right now my left foot feels as if I had dropped a bowling ball on it or something of that nature.

Anyway, back to the salmon... I am going to make pecan encrusted salmon. Coat salmon with mix of dijon mustard and honey. Then add a mix of crushed pecans and panko crumbs. Bake at 425 for ten minutes per inch of salmon thickness.

And Jill is finished in the kitchen, so I am off to fix dinner.


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