Forward March -- 03/05/12

Yeah, I know, weeks have gone by since I last posted...

Anyway, on Saturday Jill and I went into New York City to see Adam and the boys.

Yes, that is a major change in appearance for Adam. He's not sure if he is going to keep it this way or go back to hair that is so short it could pass for five o'clock shadow. Milo is not playing pirate. The patch is covering the stronger eye to encourage his weaker eye to grow stronger.

Jill and Sam playing Mario Kart -- a video racing game based on the Mario Brothers universe and characters. Sam's judgement of Jill's gaming skills (said with the kind of cool tone that indicates he was impressed with his aunt's game play): "She's not bad." (Jill had never played Mario Kart before, but she is a big time gamer.)

Jill and I went to a park with Sam so he could ride his bicycle. Here we are crossing over FDR Drive to get to the park.

Sam and I -- posing for a photo near the Williamsburg Bridge. East River Park begins at Corlear's Hook (a hook of land that has long been eliminated by shoreline landfill operations) and runs from around Jackson Street to East 12th Street, fitted in between FDR Drive on one side and the East River on the other. It is about fifty acres or so of walkways and greenery and playgrounds plus an amphitheatre, football, baseball and soccer fields, plus a running track, and a nature area, etc. The East River Bikeway starts at Montgomery Street and runs along the FDR Drive side of the park.

The Williamsburg Bridge (construction began in 1896, bridge open to traffic in 1903) was the world's longest suspension bridge span in the world at that time. It carries motor vehicle and subway train traffic between Manhattan's Lower East Side and Brooklyn. (The decking is 118 feet wide, the center point of the bridge is 135 feet above the water at high tide and the towers are 335 feet high. It is an impressively big bridge.)

Sam was having a good time on his bike. We kept going past the end of the park itself, going along the East River Bikeway to Stuyvesant Cove, through Stuyvesant Cove Park, and on to around East 23rd Street (near a marina and a seaplane docking area). Then we had to turn around and retrace our journey. I later figured it out by using Google Pedometer and we covered more than four miles total for our round trip.

Jill couldn't resist taking this photo of a squirrel sitting on the sculpture.

Jill and Milo chatting.

We left in time to get to Grand Central Station in time to grab a couple of falafel on pita wraps and a couple of black & white cookies and still catch the 6:07 Metro North train to New Haven (well, actually, to Milford, the station just before New Haven) and then drive the rest of the way home.

And then up on Sunday morning for a drive down to Mystic for a three mile race.

So, yet another father-daughter after-race photograph. After alternating jogging and walking (mostly jogging) for four miles on Saturday (plus the additional walking that travel always seems to call for), my legs were more than a bit tired on Sunday (not to mention bunion pain), but I managed to get from the start to the finish -- long after Jill had finished, but I did finish. This gives me hope that I will be able to train myself back up to doing a 10k in a few weeks (the James Joyce Ramble 10k -- it's on my birthday this year).


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