The Never Ending Meme (part one) -- 01/17/12

This meme comes from Sunday Stealing who (of course) stole it.

1. Song that always makes you sad?

Well, Amazing Grace played by bagpipes always chokes me up and brings a tear to my eye.

2. Last thing you bought?
A large cappuccino at Brewed Awakenings Coffee House at South County Commons about seven o'clock last night.

3. Last person you argued with?
If talking back to the car radio counts, I argued with a collection of babbling political idiots on some NPR program last night while returning home from Brewed Awakenings. If you mean in person, I really can't recall off hand.

4. Do you put butter before putting the peanut butter on?
Margarine. (Unless it is for a PBJ, in which case I only use peanut butter and jelly -- chunky peanut butter and strawberry jelly.)

5. One of your stuffed animals’ names as a kid?
I can't think of any. I keep picturing one of my kids with one of their stuffed animals.

6. Did you ever at one time own a Barenaked Ladies CD?
No. (Sorry, wrong generation -- by decades.)

7. Favorite day of the week?

8. Favorite sundae topping?
Don't have one -- I'm not much of a sundae eater. Ah, but when we were kids, my brother and I used to love Stewart's Ice Cream Shops (a mostly upstate New York chain) because their claim-to-fame was being "The Home of the Make Your Own Sundae!" (Well, at least in their shop on Broadway in Kingston.) You would get a dish with a scoop of ice cream and there would be a counter filled with containers of different toppings and you could add whatever you wanted to your ice cream. Charlie and I would pile on the toppings, eat them off, and then go back and add more. I've not been to a Stewart's in years, but I think they dropped that item years ago.

9. Did you take piano lessons?
Nope. I did play trombone for a couple of years. Hated it.

10. Most frequent song played?
I can't think of any one particular song. The CDs I play most often is Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits (the three CD album). I don't have an MP3 player.

11. T.V. show you secretly enjoy?
House Hunters International (on HGTV). Once in a while (like weeks apart), if Nancy goes to bed before me, she might turn on HGTV for company as she falls asleep. Then I will come up to bed and she is asleep but I absolutely cannot turn the TV off on one of these shows. I am addicted to seeing the houses they are considering. And then, since HGTV seems to run this show back-to-back late at night, I have to try to quickly turn it off before the next show starts else I will be trapped watching that one too. I do not understand it. There is so much repetition (probably because people have forgotten what the show was about during the endless commercial breaks) but I can't resist it and probably once a month I waste an hour of time watching it when I could be reading or sleeping.

12. Would you rather play basketball or hockey?
Basketball (because I don't ice skate) but I'm not that much of a basketball player either. How about beach volley ball? Or bowling?

13. Date someone older or younger?
Well, I'm twelve years older than my wife. Does that answer the question? The largest age difference was dating someone who was 14 years and 3 months younger than me. I'm not sure about the other direction; I think the largest difference was about five years.

14. One place you could travel right now?
If "could" means would like to, then I would like to travel to England. Also to Ireland and Norway and France and Austria and Holland and Iceland... just about anywhere in western and northern Europe. Also Australia and New Zealand. And Japan. And... ah well, you get the idea.

15. Do you use umbrellas?
Very rarely.

16. Do you know all the words to the Canadian national anthem?
I know the first two words in English ("O Canada") and in French ("O Canada") but other than that I draw a blank.

17. Favorite cheese?
I'd say mozzarella because I cook with it a lot (pizza, lasagna, chicken parm, eggplant parm). If you mean just to sit and eat, I'm not sure. Probably cheddar, but I very rarely sit around and eat cheese. If you mean on a Subway Italian BMT sub, provolone.

18. The Smith’s or The Cure?
Neither. (I recognize that those are bands, but I could not name any of their songs any better than I could name a song by Beyonce or Bieber.)

19. Do you prefer blondes or brunettes?
Actually, I prefer Nancy's silver.

20. Best job you ever had?
I think I have it now.

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