I am not a mathematician -- 12/13/11

I posted entries for the first three days of Holidailies and then skipped the fourth day. Well, at least here I am for the fifth day. Of course the Holidailies site says that this is day 6, but since this year's Holidailies began on December 9th, that would be day 1, the 10th would be day 2, etc., and this must be day Holidailies day 5 no matter what the site says. (I may not be a mathematician, but I am married to one.)

So... a mathematician came home at 3 a.m. His wife yelled at him "You are so late! You said you'd be home at 11:45!"

"No, I am exactly on time. I said I'd be home at a quarter of twelve."

I think I've mentioned that Nancy and I are in a writer's workshop group that meets once a week. Some of the people in the group like Scrivener (a writing software package from Literature & Latte). It has been out for Mac for at least a couple of years now, but the Windows version was still beta when Nancy and I tried it this summer. Last night -- while Nancy was out -- I went to the Scrivener site and, while poking around there (which, of course, makes me able to delude myself into thinking I was being productive even though I wasn't actually writing anything), I discovered that their license is a household license, not an individual license. That is, other people who live in the same house can share the same license. Well, given that, I figured I would buy it and we could both use it. (Nancy thinks it would be useful; I can understand that but I am not sure that it would be as useful for me -- different brain wiring. I want to think that their corkboard feature would be helpful, but I can't seem to wrap my head around how the whole thing works together. Maybe I am just too visual -- I'll have to wait until I can watch how Nancy uses it.)

Nancy comes home and I say "Hey, I bought Scrivener, so all you have to do is download it and enter my serial number and you can use it."

And she said "But I already bought it last week."

The fact that today's date in European style (day/month/year) is 13/12/11 just amuses me. (And yes, I am fully prepared to enjoy the way November 12th in American date style will be written in 2013.)

I went into c-panel to check statistics and I noticed that I am getting some traffic from Holidailies and from Elderblogger. This made me think that I probably should stick in some kind of who-am-I introduction. I usually do that in December for Holidailies visitors but hadn't gotten around to it this year.

Who am I? I am a 68 year old computer geek who lives in Rhode Island with my wife, Nancy. She used to be a computer person as well (we got our MS degrees in Systems Sciences together) but she has since escaped from computers to become a middle school math teacher (and, this year, has moved from teaching math to teaching science). Eldest child lives in New York City with his wife and their two boys. Daughter is currently in Ottawa with her boy friend. Youngest is a restaurant manager here in R.I. The nest is empty. I work for a big computer company (you definitely know their initials) in their education and training department. I used to write courses and teach courses for them but a few years ago I got involved in helping to set up a quality assurance group and now I work from home doing editing and quality assurance checking on courses written by others.Hobbies & interests include photography (and video), running, reading, gardening, cooking, drawing, writing, and politics as a spectator sport. And I've been babbling here on a semi-regular basis for more than fifteen years.

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