Today's xkcd plus a free book -- 12/09/11

I am a fan of xkcd -- a strange, quirky, and sometimes brilliant comic by Randall Munroe -- published online on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This is today's entry:

Yes, I made my page wider -- it's about 140 pixels wider than I usually size a full-width photograph.

I am not sure what I am making for dinner. I went out today and picked up some salmon to cook for dinner. Nancy stopped on her way home and picked up some flounder. I suppose we could have a salmon and flounder dinner. Hmmmm... I never got around to having lunch today (was busy with work, thought I might pick up something while I was out but I forgot, then I put stuff in the refrigerator when I got home and got right back to work and now it is six p.m. and I am kind of hungry...

Do you have a Kindle? Did you like watching 24? Do you enjoy action novels? Well, here's a deal for you. Author Mark Terry's recent Derek Stillwater novel -- The Fallen -- is on sale at Amazon for a price you can't beat. It is free. For the entire month of December, Amazon has The Fallen on sale for free. Yeah, so just click The Fallen. (How can you go wrong?) This is the third of four Derek Stillwater novels published so far and I believe there will be a fifth one out sometime next year -- so if you like it and want to read more, more is available. (Amazon also has The Fallen in hardcover and in paperback, but they are not free -- just The Fallen in the Kindle edition is free.)

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