Tree trimming -- 12/05/11

A quiet weekend. The biggest thing we did on Saturday was to go out and get a tree.

I never really went anywhere on Sunday... out in the morning to bring in the Sunday newspaper from the driveway and out back in the early evening to bring in some of the firewood I had split on Saturday.

Nancy's mother came stopped by for lunch on her way home from church. Nancy had gone to the 5pm service on Saturday and she didn't go anywhere until past sunset yesterday when she decided she needed some things from Staples (school supply stuff -- index cards, pencils, etc.) and stopped at a supermarket and picked up some milk and cereal, etc.

Wow, what wild and exciting weekends we have!

Nancy adding an ornament to the tree.

I had trimmed off the bottom inch or so of the tree (so it would be the freshest possible cut when putting the tree into a stand that holds water) and we set it up in the living room on Saturday. Nancy strung the lights on the tree Sun afternoon. (Another shocking break with tradition -- **grin** -- I always put the lights on the tree. Oh, this modern world!) Jeremy came over in the early evening and the three of us put ornaments on the tree.

Jeremy placing an ornament.

The tree, although not as small as we had persuaded ourselves we were going to pick up, is still smaller than we usually get (probably the smallest we have ever had except maybe in the apartment we had before we bought our first house). It did not take us that long to get it decorated.

Elder Blogging -- Ronni Bennett's Time Goes By is a marvelous site, filled with interesting thoughts and ideas and photographs. One of the things she does is gather links to other bloggers who fall into the senior citizen category. She has a page of these links (click here or on the sign below). She also put up a photo of my office here.

One thing though... Ronni describes her Elder Blogger links as being for bloggers age 50 and above. Now wait just a minute -- I've got a kid who is 43! Does that mean that in less than seven years I'm going to be the father of an Elder Blogger? Oh, wait, not to worry, he doesn't blog. (By the way, he was the photographer who snapped the Christmas 1980 photo in my previous entry -- he was 12 at the time.)

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