A walk on East Matunuck Beach -- 11/22/11

Ah, yes, this was a rather lengthy absence... but not really that unusual. In fact, it's the fifth time this year that I've had a gap of two weeks (or more) between entries. I can go along, three or four entries a week and then I disappear for a couple of weeks. I guess it's like going to a gym to work out or going running... it's great and you love it and don't want to miss and then... oops, something happens and you miss and then it gets so easy to skip another and another and the next thing you know, two weeks have gone by...

I guess by now you guys are used to me disappearing from time to time...

So... on Sunday Nancy and Jill and I went for a walk along East Matunuck beach... Back in 2008 I showed this same beach on a windy Memorial day -- scroll down -- to see what was shorts & t-shirt sunshine at our house but the wind made a sweatshirt day at the beach. Hmmm, I also took you for a Matunuck beach walk back in March of 2007.

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I decided to embed a Google shot of the beach area. The beach itself is about a mile long. We came onto the beach at about the word East in East Matunuck and walked in an easterly direction until we came to the stone breakwater (that thin straight line coming down in a southwesterly direction and then turns more south) that shelters the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge. (It was designed to provide a shelter for coastal shipping from the danger of storms but by the time it was completed, coastal shipping was pretty much a thing of the past. However, it still provides shelter for pleasure craft, which is what most boating is these days, although Point Judith is still a major commercial fishing port.)

This is near the entrance to the beach that we used.

Looking toward the west.

Surf's up.

Nancy walking toward the east end of the beach -- where you can see those houses. The western stone breakwater runs from that tip of land to the right of the houses..

This is the western breakwater (that I had mentioned above when I showed the Google view), a wall of massive boulders, built from around 1905 to 1914. This breakwater is a bit over a kilometer in length. I would like to walk out to the end of it someday. (Yes, with a camera.) Can you notice the difference in wave action from the left and the right sides?

That is the breakwater just past the end of this dune.

These are some of the houses in this neighborhood. Those barriers have been built to try to stop winter storms from carving away the sand hill that they sit on. (You may recall a few years ago I showed some pictures of people building barriers in front of their beach houses -- that was two or three miles west along the coast from here.)

I like pictures of sun and waves.

As we were leaving the beach it seemed as if we were passing through a sea gull convention..

The entrance/exit path we used -- I was standing at the edge of the parking lot when I took this picture.

Tomorrow night we will be hosting a whole bunch of family for food and drink and socializing. (Jeremy is going to be making pizza.) These will be the ones who are arriving a day early for Thanksgiving (plus, of course, those who live here in Rhode Island). Others (those who are only two or three hours away) will be making a day trip out of the holiday, so we won't see them until Thursday.

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