Ouch -- 10/03/11

Back around the beginning of September I got stung on my left hand, on the left side of the back of my hand, an inch or so below my little finger.

About a week later I was mowing the lawn and was only a few feet away from where I had been stung earlier and this time I was stung on my finger. (This is the one I was complaining about a few weeks ago (when one of the questions in the meme I was answering asked "Have you ever been stung by a bee?")

Yes and it hurt and my finger was swollen for a few days and it hurt at first and then it itched for days.

So Sunday afternoon I went grocery shopping (good score on that -- I spent $256.96 -- but my savings from sales and discounts and coupons came to $67.73, dropping my bill to $189.23. In other words, it was like more than a 25% savings. That's the kind of target I try to set for myself. It's not just saving money (although I do like to save money), it's making a game out of it. I know I could save more if I really worked at it, but my time is also worth money and I do not want to pay myself minimum wager for grocery shopping.

Anyway... so I came home and I am bringing groceries into the house and putting them away... and I walked back out and crossed the front lawn in the same general area where I was stung on these two recent occasions -- and I feel a sudden sharp stinging on the back of my left hand and I see something black on my hand and I bring my right hand down and swoop it across my left wrist and the back of my left hand -- just before I feel a second sharp stinging sensation -- and whatever had stung me is now gone -- along with my wristwatch.

I still don't know for sure what stung me -- but since it got in a double punch, I am assuming it was a wasp and not a bee. Earlier in the afternoon I had noted that my watch band was showing lots of wear and tear. The watch itself I bought in December of 1998 (in Honolulu, while there on a business trip, when my old watch had ceased to function). The watch -- an inexpensive Timex with a stop watch function -- works fine but I go through wrist bands every year or two. This one lasted about two years. So I had made a mental note to get a new wrist band before this one came apart -- but my swipe at whatever was stinging me was the last straw for the wristband.

I found the wristband on the edge of the driveway, but no sign of the watch itself. Our lawn had been aerated just a few days earlier, so every few inches there was a hole in the lawn, forming sort of dark round shapes the same size as the watch. I called Nancy to come out and help me look. Then, finally, I spotted it, about twenty feet or so down the middle of the driveway. I didn't have time to go out to get a watch band today but I will have to do it tomorrow. On Thursday I'm going to be flying to Ottawa (from Boston by way of Toronto) and so I will be wanting to keep checking my watch to make sure I am leaving myself enough time to account for the ridiculous TSA security theater nonsense. (Want to slash the federal budget by many billions of wasted dollars? Eliminate the TSA. In fact, save even more billions -- eliminate Homeland Security completely and just let the FBI and the CIA do their jobs.)

Opinionated? Who? Me?

Oops, I wonder if these comments will win me a full body scan?

And why does there seem to be a group of wasps somewhere around my front yard who seem to have it in for me? It is really getting to be quite annoying. Last night the back of my hand was red and swollen and it really itched. Today the swelling and the redness are slowly going away, but it still itches.

No... nobody else in the family has been stung, nor has anyone seen whatever insect population is out to get me.

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