Forty-three -- 09/30/11

Well, a few days ago I celebrated the fifteenth anniversary of the launching of my continuing online presence. Today I post a different number as the title of this entry -- Forty-three.

I speak, of course, about the young fellow pictured on the right... who has just turned 43 today.

That first photograph was taken at the Susquehanna School -- a private pre-K through upper elementary (although it was non-graded and organized children in roughly two year age groupings). They were strongly influenced by Montessori -- and it was a wonderful school (although it was difficult to adjust to a regular classroom environment afterward).

(I was trying to find them online just now but their website is gone and I found a comment saying that they had closed -- That's a shame, but amazingly, they had kept going even though the Broome County economy crashed in the mid-nineties.)

The toy camera is quite appropriate for someone who became a total camera nut by the time he was a teenager -- and who went on to get his B.A. as a photography major.

The second picture is of him on the balcony of the appartment where we lived when I was a student in a doctoral program at Binghamton University. (For those of you who know that area, that is the Vestal Plaza Shopping Center downhill behind him).

The third picture was taken at my parents' house, where my father had put a huge amount of sand on the ground for his grandchildren to play in. Adam and his cousin Melissa (two months younger than Adam) and then her baby brother, Chad. And it was still a decent play area years later when Jill and Jeremy came along.

I used those same three photographs six years ago (when Adam hit 37) along with some others, including when he and Leah got married and when grandson Sam was born. There were four comments -- all from people who still stop by here (thank you) -- and two (Bonnie and Stephanie) were comments about the contrast between young Adam with all the hair and adult Adam with extremely short short hair. He started with short hair in high school -- due to being on track, cross-country, and swim teams -- especially the swim team -- and he liked it. (Somewhere in some box of photographs somewhere around the house, there must be at least of one of us together from when he was just out of college with hair so short it was almost shaved and me with hair so long I was wearing it in a ponytail.)

Happy birthday.

Well, my brother and his son and his daughter have all met their fund-raising targets for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation fund-raising ride across Death Valley -- However, they certainly would be quite open to exceeding their targets, so here once again are their individual donation pages....

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