Thirty-two -- 06/23/11

And it was thirty-two years ago today that Nancy and I were married.

(Well, as I have doubtless explained more than once, we actually were legally married on June 16th by a judge, just to make everything legal, but we count our actual marriage as being the one held a week later in a ceremony we wrote where we proclaimed ourselves to be married.)

I did a full write-up of our wedding on the occasion of our 25th anniversary, so I won't bother to repeat the photographs here, you can look back at that entry if you are curious.

That entry I just mentioned has two photographs of kids at our wedding. In one you see my son Adam and my brother's kids -- Chad and Melissa -- and in the other are our nephew Greg and Matt (Nancy's youngest brother). So by now, thirty-two years later, I've attended weddings for all of those kids -- and, as difficult as it is to believe such a thing, they are all past 40 (except Chad, who is merely 39). I wrote about Adam & Leah's wedding with pictures when they got married (my goodness, just a few weeks short of ten years ago). And Matt & Tammy were married almost eight years ago -- but it is sometimes difficult to grasp that the little kid in our wedding album is a Major in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Back in 2004, after posting some wedding pictures in an entry, I followed up by posting some pictures taken on our trip to London in three separate entries: one, two, three.

Time flies... and anniversaries keep coming with higher numbers. Mind-boggling for certain. Next month, grandson Sam will be eight and grandson Milo will be four.

Gee, I didn't so much write an entry as just look up a bunch of links...

And what will we do to celebrate our 32nd anniversary? Nothing.

Nothing? Well, nothing today. Nancy is taking a microbiology course that meets four nights a week -- two nights for lectures and two nights for labs. (This is a summer term at the college and they are squeezing a 16 week course into six or seven weeks.) So for the past few weeks she has been getting home from work, studying, grabbing a bit to eat, and going off to school. She gets home anywhere from eight-thirty to nine-thirty, Monday through Thursday. However, we will probably go out to dinner together on Friday night.

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