Fog and sun -- 05/27/11

It was very foggy when I got up this morning. The sun rose at 5:17 a.m. but nobody around here could see it through the fog. I actually didn't crawl out of bed until almost half an hour later. I took this picture at 6:34 a.m. -- more than an hour and a quarter past dawn... Most mornings recently have been like this -- which I believe is caused by the wind direction along the coast this week being from the water to the land. Some days most of the state has had fog and others it was just along the coast. And on many of those days, here along the coast we had clouds overhead all day and fog that hung around much of the morning and returned in late afternoon while the skies brightened further inland.

But today the fog burned off by late morning and gave way to sunshine and blue skies. Oh, we have missed the sun! The picture below was taken about a quarter past five this afternoon. (In winter I might describe that time as being early evening, but today sunset is at 8:09.)

That dark spot on the driveway marks where Jeremy frequently parks his car. Yes, he does have an oil leak. (His car was not parked there in the foggy morning picture because it spent the past couple of days at a repair shop. It's not there in the sunny picture because he now has it back and it is parked behind the restaurant where he works.)

Nancy is in the air as I write this... on her way down to South Carolina to visit her sister Karen and her husband Bob (who retired and moved down there a bit over a year ago). Jill is working (and will be bringing Chinese take-out home with her for us to share for dinner when she finishes work around 8 p.m.) and Jeremy is working and then he'll probably be out socializing. I'm home, here at the computer when I should either be doing yard - lawn - garden work or working out (biking or running or whatever) -- I've already done some gardening and did some cleaning of my car so I think I'll go toss this up on the Internet and then get in a workout and a shower before Jill gets home with dinner.

This weekend will include lots of yard and garden work but I will attempt to do a bit of online babbling as well.

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