A birthday-- 04/29/11

Yeah, today is, in fact, my birthday.

I thought about posting a copy of my birth certificate but decided I didn't want to give Donald Trump any more free publicity.

I have taken today as a vacation day, in honor of my birthday.

Well, really it is because I had a lot to do today. Jill was up in Canada for the past week and took an overnight bus from Ottawa to Montreal to Boston... and then took Amtrak from Boston to our station, arriving about quarter past nine this morning. I picked her up at the station and brought her home. She's working from noon until eight o'clock and then will meet us (Jeremy & Nancy & me) at the Mews Tavern (which has become our favorite spot for birthday dinners or pretty much any time we want to go out to go out for dinner locally).

Tomorow we (the Friends of the Peace Dale Library) are having a fund-raising book sale. We do this twice each year, selling donated books (and some books that the library is removing from circulation). So today I was in helping to set up for the sale. So that took care of noon until three.

It seemed as if almost every morning this week was foggy -- certainly this was the fourth morning in a row where it was foggy before dawn (which is when I get up). Some days it stayed that way all day -- not just overcast with scattered rain, but I think Wednesday was foggy all day -- but not today. Today the sun quickly burned away the fog and it has been a beautiful sunny day.

Scott Dickers -- the author of Jim's Journal ( the comic strip) that I mentioned in my last entry -- now has his new site up. I believe he began posting new episodes on April 24th and plans to post a new one every day. I like it and think it is now going to be part of my daily online reading.

And now to post this entry and go for a short run... just a couple of miles. I have not made much progress in running since Jill and I ran that three mile race almost two months ago. I decided that it would be foolish for me to attempt the James Joyce Ramble 10k race (coming up this Sunday). Jill has entered to run it and I'm going along for the ride (well, actually, I think I will be driving) and to cheer her on and perhaps take a few pictures. I am hoping to get into good enough shape for some of the local 5k runs that are coming up soon.

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