April flowers -- 04/02/11

The second day of April and this one has blue skies, a few fluffy white clouds, and lots of sunshine.

Of course it is only about 46 degrees (8 degrees Celsius) and the high for this afternoon is predicted to reach 52 (about 11 for those of you live in countries where water boils at 100) and, although it is not a day for wandering about in shorts and a t-shirt, it has been quite a pleasant morning and promises to be a thoroughly pleasant weekend.

I spent some time in our yard, looking at various plantings, noting branches that came down during the winter, checking out my blueberries and blackberries and the half-dozen fruit trees I planted this past autumn, looking over the "new" garden area I had gained from having those oak trees taken down in 2009.

Some of these flowers began to pop up a couple of weeks ago, but now they are really beginning to shoot up out of the ground and blossom all around. I took these pictures this morning while wandering about our yard.

I had a pad and pencil (and a tape measure) with me. One of the things I did was plan what I wanted the back garden to be like. Last summer I had marked off a large rectangular garden area using landscaping timbers, roughly perhaps 12 feet by 30 24 feet. What I would like to do is to make some raised-bed gardens there (nothing too fancy or too raised, just two layers of landscaping timber for the sides). I thought perhaps four rectangular beds, four feet wide and sixteen feet long. I also saw where I would like to put three smaller beds, perhaps four feet by eight feet, but then I began to think about how many landscaping timbers that would take and how many hours building those beds would take -- not just building them with the timbers, nailing them together with spikes. etc., but then preparing the soil, adding compost and manure and peat moss -- and decided that this year I would settle for trying to get these four beds prepared.

That garden construction work will come a couple of weeks from now. I'll be taking some vacation days to get the work done (and keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather in the second half of the month).

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