I'm back -- 03/26/11

So... after posting fairly frequently during February -- thirteen entries -- this is my first entry since Feb. 25th.

Yeah, I've basically just taken a month off.

Mostly it was because of being very busy with work. Actually, I could go back to my Groundhog Day entry (Feb. 2nd) and just quote my explanation there about why I had been so quiet during the second half of January... mostly just work and winter...

This photograph was taken on February 27th...

Of course we were not snow-bound hermits. We did go out, visit friends and relatives, go to plays and movies, etc. And we had people over to our house.

One Saturday night in early March, Nancy's sister Clara and her daughter Kaitlyn and Nancy's mother came over and Jeremy made pizza. Now, when I say made pizza, I don't mean he just stuck a couple of pies in the oven. No, when Jeremy makes pizza at home it is an entire evening's entertainment. He gathers everyone into the kitchen, whips up a marvelous salad and a few other munchies, and then assembles pizzas, one at a time, that are artistic and culinary masterpieces, while everyone hangs around, eating and drinking and watching and talking and having a great time.

The next day Jill and I drove over to Mystic, Connecticut -- to Olde Mistick Village (next to the Mystic Aquarium) for the annual Kelly's Pace March Hare Hop 3 mile road race. The photo below was taken at Olde Mistick Village...

I'm fond of that race. It's a relaxed, low key event... and the first race of the year for me after what is usually a three month winter break (from the Newport Pie Run on Thanksgiving Day). Jill and I ran it for the first time in 1997. It snowed during the race. Two weeks later I ran a 5K in Australia in summertime heat.

March also brings St. Patrick's Day... and, here in Rhode Island, it is followed by St. Joseph's Day. (Okay, I know March 19th comes two days after March 17th everywhere, not just in Rhode Island; what I mean is that Rhode Island not only has a large population of Irish descent, but also has a large population of Italian descent, and thus there are large St. Joseph's Day celebrations following the St. Patrick's Day celebrations.) Jill loves to bake... and to experiment with baking new things... so this year she decided to make some zeppole for St. Joseph's Day.

They were delicious.

And here's a photograph I think should be called "Spring in New England" -- We had some nice mild weather on March 20th (Spring officially began that evening) but cold weather quickly returned and this is what our place looked like on March 24th.

The snow didn't last long... there are just a few spots of snow left on our lawn this morning. Right now (just a bit past noon) it is exactly 32 degrees (zero Celsius) but it is sunny and they say it may get almost up to 40 later this afternoon (about four Celsius)... northwest winds, 10 to 15 mph, gusts to 30 mph. I would like to go for a run this afternoon but what I really want is to go for a run in shorts and a t-shirt in mild sunny weather.

Ah well, milder weather will get here eventually...

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