A birthday meal -- 02/04/11

Yesterday was Nancy's birthday and Jeremy decided that he would prepare her birthday dinner.

Given Jeremy's magic touch in a kitchen, I knew that this would be greatly appreciated by Nancy.

When he said that he was going to make pizza, I knew that she would be especially delighted. (As regular readers know, he is a professional cook and has extensive experience as a pizza chef.)

Nancy had to stay at work until past 6:30 (parent conferences) so the kitchen was filled with the mouth-watering scents of Jeremy's cooking when she got home.

Jeremy and I are alike in that we both start by making our own tomato sauce. It does not take all that long to do and the taste of the sauce is well worth the small amount of extra effort -- plus, since we use no-salt-added canned tomatoes, the sodium content of the sauce is a tiny fraction of factory-made bottled sauce (which somewhat makes up for the sodium content of the cheese we would put on the pizza).

He made an appetizer pizza (thus the slicing into small pieces)... sort of a Greek pizza with Feta cheese. The little glass dish contains chopped hot peppers for sprinkling on top, should you so choose. (Nancy didn't but I did -- Very tasty!)

An amazing salad. Some of the ingredients were still refrigerator cold but Jeremy had briefly blanched some of the veggies, thus producing a fascinating contrast of cold and warm. I thought the pepperoni slices twisted into a funnel shape with a slice of cheese inside made for a nice touch, almost like flowers on the salad.

This is the main pizza, fresh out of the oven. Notice that foggy look towards the far side of the pizza: that's steam rising up.

And the meal concluded with a dessert pizza. It is a pizza crust copped with blueberries and freshly sliced strawberries. The white mound is whipped cream. The round glass dish contains Edy's Espresso Chip ice cream.

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