Working on the garage -- 09/22/10

Our garage has collected a lot of "stuff" since we moved into this house in February of 1996: garden tools, garden supplies, a couple of lawn mowers, a weed wacker, beach furniture, a beach umbrella, skis, bicycles, a wheelbarrow, snow shovels, a bag and a half of peat moss, a recycling bin, electric cords, hoses, old stereo speakers, boots, shoes, rollerblades, soccer balls, tennis balls, etc. (Oh, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean.) And this is after Nancy went on a major garage emptying campaign this spring and summer. (We donated/threw out/recycled vast amounts of stuff.)

So Jeremy has set himself a project of getting the garage organized and determined that we needed some shelving, etc. And late yesterday afternoon he began to work on it.

After I finished work for the day, I came into the garage to lend him a hand...

Although he had purchased plastic-coated metal shelving modules, he recycled some old pieces of wood that were laying around to make cross bars to hold shovels and rakes and such in place.

And this is what that side of the garage looks like now after Jeremy's hard work.

(Yes, the upper corner of the garage door on that side of the garage is out of the track. It popped out. I pushed it back. Lather, rinse, repeat. Finally I got fed up with it and decided to let it have its own way. Besides which, we plan on replacing both garage doors soon.)

The wall on that side of the garage is not finished. Thus, the nails used to fasten the shingles to the side of the house are not hidden by insulation and drywall, etc.

The problem with this is that if you are as clumsy as I can be at times (most times?) and you stumble and automatically reach forward with your hands to stop from falling -- and you realize even as you do it that it is not such a great idea but even as you think that thought it is almost too late to do anything -- and you manage to twitch your left hand to target the vertical 2x6 -- but it is too late to get the right hand to a safe place to land.

I only got punctured by one nail. However, since my last tetanus shot was in 2005 I drove into town this morning to my doctor's office... where I got a tetanus booster shot (and, since I was there anyway, also got a flu shot). They were taking a more cautious view of my little puncture wound than I was and made me get an x-ray to make sure the nail had not chipped a bone. I am also now on antibiotics. (Ah well, better safe than sorry.) And the x-ray report says I did not damage a bone (but apparently it also showed that I have a bit of arthritis).

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