Road trips and blueberries -- 06/17/10

This is Jill leaving to go to the airport on at 4:25 Tuesday morning on her way to California.

Yes, this is the 2010 edition of her triennial road trip, except this time she is flying.

Her first cross-country road trip was mentioned here in a "Jill's road trip" entry in 2004.

The start of her 2007 road trip was described in this entry and then her location was mentioned at the end of each entry until she returned a couple of weeks later and I showed a map of her ocean-to-ocean travels

Despite beginning with a cross-country flight (actually two flights -- change planes in Las Vegas), there will still be lots of driving because she has rented a car. Right now she is in the Sacramento area but eventually she will be driving down to the Los Angeles area (about 400 miles) Having made those long cross-country drives on her previous road trips, this time she decided to fly so she would have more time to visit with her (Internet gaming) friends and see interesting stuff.

Here's a picture of some blueberries growing in our back yard. They will be delicious when they are ripe (unless various furry or feathered creatures get to them first).

Oh, and I suppose I should include a food picture. This was Tuesday night dinner for Nancy and me -- a large salad (from three different kinds of lettuce picked fresh from the garden) topped with chicken and sliced hard-boiled eggs (the parsley is also from the garden)... eaten on our back deck. Slices of Asiago and Pesto bread that had been toasted in the oven and some Yellow Tail Australian Pino Grigio.

Nancy and I had dinner at The Mews Tavern last night with Susan (Eli's mom). She is moving back to the Pacific Northwest in a few days. This was the second time I was at The Mews this week. I took Jill and Eli there for dinner on Monday night (Nancy had a sinus headache on Monday-- all that heavy rain this spring has produced a bumper crop of various kinds of pollen). The Mews (as I have mentioned more than once) has good casual pub type food (I'm fond of their Buffalo chicken sandwich with deep fried onion rings and Nancy likes their calzones, but they have lots of other good stuff too, such as burgers, fish & chips, brickoven pizza, etc.) and many kinds of beer. This year Jill and I have been enjoying Berkshire River Ale (which is what I had last night) but they were out of the Berkshire on Monday so I ordered Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (a delicious Russian Imperial stout that Adam introduced me to ten years or so ago) that is dark as night and rich and flavorful. Jill tried a sip of mine and quickly ordered one for herself.

Well... I'm scheduled for my hernia surgery on July 2nd. They had first wanted to schedule me on June 28th but that's the date I am scheduled to get the two titanium screws put in for my two dental implant jobs (yeah, I know I said the 21st a couple of entries ago but I was confused -- the 21st is my next post-op visit with my podiatrist) and I did not want to have to reschedule that for after I have recovered from the hernia repair because it takes at least six weeks after the screws go it for the installation of the crowns (with an extra week or two for them to be made, etc.) and I am very sick of having those two gaps in my teeth.

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