Mount Mulchmore -- 06/07/10

Originally I had dubbed this Mulch Mountain but since then have taken to calling it Mount Mulchmore.

This mountain of mulch was delivered just as Jill and Eli had finished loading their truck (in fact, Eli had to move their rental truck out of the driveway so that the mulch delivery truck could back in and dump its load). This is what the pile looked like this morning. (It was originally a bit over five yards of mulch.) Nancy has been very busy doing landscaping and has used a lot of the mulch but -- as you can see -- there is still a lot left. That's okay, we have plans for it all.

Below is what part of our front yard looked like before. I had thought that I had posted a picture like the one below back in April but then I realized that although I had talked about it, I had not put a picture online. I had taken several pictures to show what this particular part of our yard looked like and printed them to bring with us when we had gone to a plant nursery to get some ideas about what kinds of plants were available that would do well in this area. So... below is a "before" view...

And here is what is looks like today as a work-in-progress...

Well, might as well show how Nancy has the bushes in front of the house all nicely mulched now too... Yes, that is Tiger sitting on his special reserved chair in my office looking out that leftmost window (this is about six-thirty this morning).

So I walked up to the window to get a close up view. I don't know if he is squinting his eyes because of the brightness of the sun shining straight into the window or if he is getting sleepy and ready for a post-breakfast morning nap.

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