An afternoon with Sam & Milo -- 04/21/10

We had planned on spending an afternoon with Adam and Leah and Sam and Milo. Jeremy wanted to come but got mixed up about the date and ended up having to work and Nancy had planned on making the trip but (one of the drawbacks of teaching) she caught some kind of bug and felt too sick to enjoy the trip (plus, of course, not wanting to pass her cold on to the boys and their parents). So, it ended up that just Jill and I made the trek to New York.

Adam and Jill and I took the boys to the playground at Tompkins Square Park. I was struck by the size difference between them. (They both have July birthdays: Milo will be three and Sam will be seven -- yes, time does fly, doesn't it!)

They are both very active kids who love to go to playgrounds where they can climb and slide and run and climb some more...
There is a Bavarian restaurant that Jill enjoys (and the rest of us as well). She especially likes their reiberdatschi (crispy potato pancakes) and, of course, she is quite a beer aficionado and,as you can probably imagine, they have an excellent assortment of beer to choose from. (Yes, I've mentioned this place before.) However, it often seems as if one thing or another keeps her from being able to eat there -- so Adam suggested that we should make it a point of eating there. They are not far from Tompkins Square Park so we stopped there on our way to the park. Oops, it was noon and they don't open until one o'clock on Saturday. Okay, so we went to the park and came back at one o'clock and joined the crowd of twenty or so people waiting for them to open. At last the doors open and we scurry in and find a table. But wait -- the waitresses are explaining that they are having problems with their gas stoves and can not serve any of the cooked items on the menu. Jill is now convinced that the universe is conspiring to keep her from having a reiberdatschi lunch. So we set off and found another place for lunch... Odessa, a pleasant ethnic diner-type restaurant on Avenue A.
And, of course, even if you insist you are a Big Boy who does not need naps, sometimes a nap can suddenly come upon you almost as suddenly as flipping a switch...

And, in case you were wondering why there are more pictures of Milo than of Sam... that's quite simple: my pictures of Sam are mostly video of him zipping along on his Razor scooter. I've just not had time to move that footage from my Flip camera to my computer and edit it, etc.

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