Here are some pictures -- 03/02/10

So I finally got a memory card reader. My little Olympus digital uses an xD memory card. Amazon had some card readers that accepted two or three dozen different cards, but they didn't have xD on the list of cards they accepted. I ended up making a purchase through Amazon, but it was coming from some camera store so I couldn't use my amazon prime for free two day shipping. Oh well, what were a couple extra days. (Anyway, it came yesterday and I used it to move the pictures to my computer, but I'm just getting around to posting them now.

(Remember... I took these with a little pocket point-and-shoot; everyone else there was using nice digital SLRs.)

Saturday night -- Chef Gordo prepares dinner
People who share their thoughts with the world online (Gary had left before I arrived.)
[L to R in front: Kate, Lou, Gord. Yours truly in the back.]
The canine residents at chez Kate & Jim.
Gord and Benny doing online research in Kate's computer center.
Benny and Kate were playing paparazzi and taking pictures of Lou and Gord, so I
thought I would grab a shot from the side and avoid having to correct red eye.
When Irish eyes are smiling...

Effective with this entry I have switched over from Haloscan to Echo (by JS-Kit). At least the five and a half years of comments will not disappear (I had added Haloscan comments with my June 16, 2004 entry.) When I signed up for Echo they had thirty days of free service, but once I spent the few minutes involved in setting that up, those years of Haloscan comments were restored and I was pleased enough that I signed up for their entry level pay version.

I'm not crazy about Echo. It seems much slower than Haloscan. Also, I don't like the way it lists entries in reverse chronological order but I have not found a control that would let me have them sequenced in the order in which they were entered. (Perhaps it is possible, but I find their documentation somewhat less than clear and I have not yet been able to figure out how to do that.)

What I have been looking for is a comment utility that would let me have comments written to files (or an SQL database) on my domain. So far I've not seen one. I suppose I could write my own, but I have no desire to put in that amount of time on it. I would have to start by teaching myself JavaScript and PHP (or perhaps Drupal) but although I think it might be cool to be able to do a bit of Drupal coding, I don't really want to expend the time and effort. (Most of the comment handling stuff I've found has been tied in to particular web hosting or blogging platforms rather than to personally owned domains.) If any of you happens to have experience with a decent Haloscan replacement please (
LOL!) leave me a comment.

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