Another update -- 02/02/10

Yeah, I know, I meant to write stuff here...

Well, I've been working out, so that took up all my time.

No, it didn't. I've been riding my exercise bike about three times a week for half an hour or so (plus doing some light work with hand weights). So I can't really claim that was a factor.

However, Saturday I began what I hope will be the beginning of training up to run in my favorite spring, summer, and autumn races as well as to enter one or two sprint triathlons. It was two weeks ago today (or maybe tomorrow?) that my podiatrist told me I could leave off the moonboot most of the time and start walking "in a week or two" -- well, I've been walking (okay, mostly in supermarkets, etc.) -- so on Saturday I began more serious working out in the basement (Jeremy put a lot of hours into arranging things, putting his weight-bench back together, mounting chin-up bars on the ceiling, etc.) including using hand weights, doing leg lifts and rows on the weight bench, and using the exercise bike. I did 9 miles on the exercise bike in addition to the weight work and also jogged half a mile on the treadmill. (By the way, that was in addition to about half an hour spent splitting firewood and bringing it into the garage and into the living room, etc.)

On Sunday I did 10 miles on the bike plus the weights and such. Monday I did 12 miles on the exercise bike plus the weights. I started to use the treadmill, but I wasn't sure how my heel felt, so I stopped. Then I came back downstairs in the evening and did another three miles on the bike.

I put my moonboot back on after lunch and kept it on until about an hour or so ago (it's just a bit past eight p.m. right now) and as soon as I finish this I'm going to go downstairs for today's workout.

But, to be honest, most days I say to myself that I should write something at lunch time, but then I end up doing something else... so I say I'll write something after dinner... but we tend to eat late and then by the time everything is cleared away in the kitchen it ends up being late and I have spent hours looking at computer screens and I'm kind of tired and going to bed and reading a book for a few minutes sounds really inviting and I can always write a journal entry tomorrow... Lather, rinse, repeat.

Charlie is recovering very nicely from his back surgery. He told me that he is already walking three quarters of a mile daily and hopes to increase that significantly. In fact, he and Chad have signed up to do another hundred mile Death Valley bike ride for JDRF. (see below)

Greetings again from Team Chad and Dad!

I've got GREAT news... three weeks ago I had back surgery with the hope that it would end the sciatic pain that had made it almost impossible for me to walk or get out of bed for months.

This same pain caused me some grief during the 2008 Death Valley Ride and LOTS of agony during the 2009 Ride to Cure Diabetes at Killington Vermont. I am HAPPY to announce that the pain is gone and Physical Therapy is progressing well.

That being the case... Chad and I have both registered today for the 2010 Ride to Cure Diabetes... 105 miles across Death Valley in triple digit temperatures this coming October... the heat will feel great in comparison to the 100 miles in the cold cold rain that we faced in Killington in 2009.

Sooo - if you are able to do so at this time - please consider donating online as soon as possible to help us reach our team goal of $8,000 for research. If now is not convenient - then please plan to donate in the future.

Then follow our training and fundraising progress at LetsCureDiabetes.com or at our new FaceBook Page "Team Chad and Dad's 2010 Death Valley JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes" (both need to be updated... will get to that SOON )

Thank you for your support in the past... I hope you can help us again this year. Please give to JDRF as generously as you're able?

There is a cure and together we'll find it.

Thank you,

Charlie Lawrence

Charlie just sent that to me today and his training log page and his Facebook page are not yet set up; however, the JDRF donation pages are ready: for Charlie and for Chad. (Don't worry, I promise to repeat those addresses fairly often over the next few months.)

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