My day -- 11/17/09

I had the random thought last night that it might be interesting to bring you along through the events of a typical day. I am assuming, of course, that this will be a typical day -- but, then, don't most days prove to be typical days?

5:45 -- Alarm clock rings. I fumble and hit the snooze button. Wonder if I can get five minutes of sleep. Nope -- Tiger is out in the hall, meowing and pawing at our bedroom door. Get up, let Tiger into our room, get dressed. Scoop Tiger up and carry him downstairs. (Going down stairs is a slow process for him so I have taken to carrying him down in the morning.)
6:00 -- Feed Tiger -- which means give him a couple of cat treats, hide his prednisolone (one half a pill every other day) in a Pill Pockets treat, put fresh water in his water bowl, put a can of wet food in his food dish -- with a sprinkling of Cosequin (glucosamine/chondroitin) on it. Microwave the cup of yesterday's coffee left in the coffee pot and drink it. Wash pot, make new pot of coffee.
6:30 -- Bring Nancy breakfast. Watch morning news and weather with Nancy while drinking my second cup of coffee. (Note: dawn at 6:37, 41 F, partly cloudy.)
6:45 -- Back downstairs. Boot computers (one work, one personal). Fix Nancy's lunch. Check work e-mail.
7:15 -- Nancy leaves for work. I bring in the newspaper, toss it on the kitchen table and go back to writing and sending work e-mail, checking my calendar, planning my day.
8:00 -- I decide to keep this running log of my day, so I type this as far as this point and then go into kitchen and have a bowl of cereal (Oatmeal Crisp, a handful of blueberries, skim milk) for breakfast while glancing through the morning newspaper.
8:30 -- Wake Jill then go back down to work.
9:00 -- Wake Jeremy. Brush my teeth. Go back to work. Boot third computer (so now I have two work computers running plus my personal computer that I am using to enter this). Writing lots of work e-mails.
10:00 -- Online meeting. One hour long.
11:00 -- working... take a twenty minute or so working coffee break... i.e., drink coffee and check out a few Web sites (maybe yours?), dividing my time between my computer and work computer (working but doing very mechanical e-mail stuff, deleting old e-mail to free up storage, copying files, etc.).
11:50 -- Jeremy needs work done on his exhaust system. Follow him to auto repair place and drive him back home.
12:15 -- Telephone conference call (discussing next issue of the company e-mail newsletter for which I am the Rhode Island branch)
1:00 -- Online course about the design of computer-based training. (Two hours long -- grab a cup of yogurt to eat during class -- during the midpoint break put a load of laundry in the washer and start it.)
3:00 -- Keep working. Take five minutes to bring in some firewood before it gets dark. (Sunset is at 4:24.)
5:45 -- Logoff both work computers and shut them down. Make a pot of coffee. Get a fire started in the fireplace insert.
6:10 -- Start making some chicken soup for dinner: cut up some onions and potatoes and carrots and celery, start them cooking in a mix of water and low sodium chicken stock. Later on add some cut up chicken (left-over from last night) and left over chicken gravy. When it is almost ready add some more low sodium stock, bring it to a boil, and add egg noodles. Meanwhile I am fixing two small spinach salads with sliced red onion, sliced strawberry, walnuts, and fresh pomegranate seeds. Use a light raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Let the soup sit for a few minutes while we eat our salads by the fireplace in the living room (TV tuned to a classical music cable audio channel). Then a big bowl of soup each with slices of a crunchy French baguette. (Also eaten by the fireplace.)
9:30 -- Clean up kitchen, load and run dishwasher.
10:00 -- Return to computer and update this entry.

Well, now if I am quick about setting links so my previous entry points to this one and adding this to my home page and to my 2009 list, FTP it to the Web, and send out a notify e-mail, then I can shut this machine down, go upstairs and get ready for bed, read a few pages, and turn my light out by 11:30 -- because at 5:45 tomorrow morning my alarm will wake me again to start another day.

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