Book sale -- 11/15/09

So, we had our book sale yesterday ("we" = "Friends of the Peace Dale Library") and it was a success. Lots of people all day long buying lots of books...

Sometimes we get a few chuckles out of some of the books that have been donated for the sale or by amusing juxtapositions of titles, etc. (Naturally, the members of Friends of the Peace Dale Library, as with similar groups, are self-selected from the bookworm side of the reading bell curve.)

This book, however, had everyone laughing...
Are You Missing the Real Estate BOOM? Everyone agreed that it was certainly ironic to see the title... and absolutely ridiculous to read the sub-title (see below).

Glancing in the book, I saw that this guy actually recommended that people divert stock investment funds into real estate.

Hmmmm, look at that picture... Doesn't that seem ominous, with perhaps a suggestion that those people are in danger of being crushed when that floating house falls on them?

Other than the book sale, this was a quiet weekend. Had a nice fire going in the fireplace insert Saturday night and Nancy and I sat there with laptops doing school work. She is taking an online course from the state community college and I am taking a work-related online course from ASTD -- the American Society for Training and Development.

Today -- run a few errands, buy some groceries, fix our mailbox post. The mailbox post got knocked over by a snowplow this past winter and it has been a bit wobbly ever since. It occurred to me that this might be my last chance to have concrete set correctly (although Saturday was rainy and very windy, the temperature both days has been quite mild) and I had better do something. So I bought a bag of concrete mix, dug out around the base, got the post returned to a vertical position, and then mixed the concrete and poured it around the post. It seems good (certainly better than it was) and given a few days for the concrete to cure properly, it should be all set... well, until the next snowplow hits it.

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