Golden leaves -- 11/05/09


This was the view from our front porch looking across our street about four o'clock this afternoon. The tops of the trees glowed with yellow and orange and red and gold but below the tops the trees were darkening silhouettes against the sky... and the blue of the sky was mostly concealed by gray clouds that almost seemed glow in the slanting rays of the setting sun. And just to make things really seem surreal, although you can't see it in this picture, it was raining as I took this picture, not just a light "sun shower" but heavy enough rain that you could hear it splattering against the pavement.

We ate out tonight... at Turtle Soup, a very pleasant restaurant serving tasty food, located in the Ocean Rose Inn, a 1901 vintage building that is one of the last original Victorian inns facing the ocean. Just three blocks down Ocean Road from the Narragansett Towers, the splendor of Narragansett Bay is its neighbor just across the street. We were there for a gathering of people connected with Kinney Bungalow. Think of it as a holiday dinner party being held a month early because a key couple would be leaving another week or so to spend the winter in Florida. We were also honoring Shirley who has been managing the Bungalow for the past six years but is now going to semi-retire and just run some of the public functions. There were about a dozen or so of us and we gathered in a private room with a large fireplace, just off the entrance to the main dining room.

I've heard people praise Turtle Soup but this is the first time we've been there. The food was delicious and the service was both friendly and thoroughly professional. I think we will have to return there. (Naturally, living in a small town world as we do here, it turned out that Nancy had been our waiter's 8th grade math teacher. She hadn't recognized him at first because he had grown so much taller in the intervening years.)

What about video of the pumpkins being tossed by the trebuchet that I promised you? Well, I was going to put it together last night, but decided to see if there were any updates for Windows Movie Editor... and discovered there were but also found that there was a service pack for XP Home (which is what I'm running on this box) -- and I had thought that I had Microsoft Update configured to automatically download new updates -- in fact, I am positive that I once had it but something must have changed somewhere, who knows with Microsoft -- so I began downloading the updates... and that download plus the installation took forever. Okay, not forever, but it certainly ate up all of the time I had available. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday.

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