A boy and his car -- 10/07/09

This is the car that my son Jeremy has been driving for the past eleven months or so... a 1999 Ford Windstar. It has served him well, but...

Well, he is a 24 year old single male, not a 34 year old suburban husband with wife and two kids...

So he has been looking for a different car. And, at last, he found it...

He and Jill both had the same first automobile, a 1993 Honda Civic Hatchback. Well, it had been my car. My old Chevy Nova had been falling apart so in 1998 I had bought a Civic from a co-worker (who had put a "car for sale" note on the refrigerator in the employee kitchen) and had happily driven that car for a year and a half. When I decided to buy a new Toyota Corolla (which is the car I still drive) I gave the Honda Civic to Jill, who was just starting her senior year of high school. She drove that car until it needed very expensive repairs to pass inspection (with no guarantee that would actually help) so Jill bought the Honda Accord that she still drives and the Civic was passed to Jeremy to drive for a few weeks. (See Good and Faithful Servant -- gee, six years and a couple months ago -- time flies.) And both of them have retained a certain fondness for 1993 Honda Civics.

Jeremy drove a 1996 Honda Civic for several years. Last fall that car was beyond repair and Jeremy was borrowing my car every day for several weeks until Nancy's brother Walter offered Jeremy his old Windstar. (There is a tradition in Nancy's family of passing along older cars as long as they are roadworthy.) Well, the Ford took about a thousand dollars in repairs, but once that was done it served Jeremy well, until recently the electrical system has gone berserk (battery draining, not starting, lights going on and blinking even when the key has been removed from the ignition, etc.) which pushed Jeremy into getting serious about finding a new car.

Naturally he had to get a 1993 Honda Civic. This one is a two-door coupe, not a hatchback like one whe had shared years ago. Also, it has been modified by its previous owner. The standard engine has been replaced with one that is larger and more powerful. (It requires premium gasoline.) In this picture you can see that it has oversized tires and the suspension has been modified to give it that lowered look. (Jeremy plans on replacing the wheels and raising the chassis a bit.)

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