Two weekends -- 10/05/09

So... I've been thinking about the past two weekends -- the one that was the last weekend of September and this weekend just past that was the first one in October. There was stuff I did that I had wanted to mention here but there wasn't room in the last two entries I wrote and I didn't have time to write additional entries. Besides which, this gives me an excuse to stick in a couple of photographs of the Rhode Island coast...
The picture above was taken at the far end of Narragansett Town Beach. My back is towards the bay and the picture is actually of the inlet where the Narrow River (also known as the Pettasquamscutt River) joins Narrgansett Bay. The picture below is the view from that far end of the beach looking about a mile down the beach toward town (where the Narragansett Towers are).

I was on the beach because I had joined with some people from work to take part in a beach clean-up and trash census. The idea was not just to clean up the beach (which, actually, is a fairly clean beach -- the town takes good care of it all summer) but also to collect data about the kinds of trash we found. This data would then be combined with data collected by many other shore clean-up teams on the prior weekend and then used to determine problem areas, major sources of trash, etc. and which then could perhaps be used to guide the formation of new rules and regulations or strategies to reduce litter and trash. Our findings: the most frequently found item of litter was from smokers (1322 cigarette butts/filters, 2 lighters, 32 cigar butts/plastic tips), then came food wrappers (387), and bottle caps and lids (222).

Well, that was a way to kill three hours or so. That evening Nancy and I went up to Providence to see TrinityRep's production of Cabaret. We had anticipated a great show and we were right. Most often we try to go to Trinity Brewhouse (just a block away) for dinner before a show but this time we went three or four blocks down the street to McCormick & Schmick's Seafood Restaurant for dinner. It being a sea food restaurant, we both had clam chowder and then fish and chips (except Nancy had a Bass Ale and I had a Guinness). Good food, good theatre, a good night out. Sunday was an exciting day of grocery shopping and shopping for new lighting fixtures for the kitchen -- want to replace the existing lighting but have not yet found something that works for us. I want something that looks good but also gives lots of good light for working in the kitchen. (Actually, good bright work lighting is my top priority.)

This past weekend was more subdued. It rained during most of Saturday. I spent Saturday morning at the library, sorting hundreds of books for our next "friends of the library" book sale. Then I spent much of the afternoon sitting in the living room reading (except for a few brief periods when, influenced by a sleeping Tiger curled up next to me, I think I dozed off a bit). That wasn't being very productive, but it seemed like a good way to spend a dark and rainy Saturday afternoon. Made pizza that night and we watched two episodes of John Adams. (We are enjoying this bit of American history -- Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney are excellent at John and Abigail Adams. (We just watched episode six this evening, leaving us just one episode left in the mini-series.)

Sunday was another quiet day. We took some plants into Nancy's room at school and I helped her punch three-ring binder spaced holes in some handouts for students, hit a grocery store, came home. I spent an hour or so splitting wood (I really love doing that), and went over to Nancy's mother's house for dinner.

And, to close, a very short video of me splitting firewood...

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