Seaside and mountainside -- 08/24/09

Some pictures today.

First, the seaside...

Here's a video I put together... some views around Narragansett... surf driven by Hurricane Bill (first Saturday afternoon, looking at the beach from Narragansett Towers, then Sunday at the beach, then a view of the Towers).

Then the mountainside... this is another YouTube video my brother put up from one of his training rides through the Catskills... This one is a recent 80 mile ride that included Woodstock -- the actual Village of Woodstock, not the 40 year ago rock festival... (You might enjoy the last roadside sign shown in this video.)

The one hundred mile fundraising ride for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) will be this coming weekend. Charlie and Chad are closing in on their fundraising goal (of $3000 each) but it is (of course) not too late to make a donation. You can click here to pledge for Charlie's ride and here to pledge for Chad's ride (but Charlie is a bit closer to his goal than Chad at this point, so this afternoon on Facebook he was suggesting that last minute donors pledge in Chad's name to even things up. As you may be aware, instead of their usual autumn 105 mile ride across Death Valley, they signed up this year to ride 100 miles at Killington, Vermont this coming weekend.

And here is a preview of some of the roads around Killington (including a "Moose crossing" warning sign) that you may find interesting:

Okay, that's all for today. Nancy and I both have that summer cold we caught from Jeremy. Blah! Jill is going around making signs to ward off evil spirits and viruses.

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