Surf's up -- 08/22/09

Hurricane Bill is passing New England, hundreds of miles out to sea, but the result here is a high surf advisory from the weather service. They are cautioning that surf along the coast here is expected to be quite high and strong due to seas in the 8 to 12 feet range through six p.m Sunday (and in the 14 to 18 feet range off the coast of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard).

Nancy and I are going to be attendants later today at the Narragansett Towers. I expect, despite the overcast skies and the chance of a thunderstorm, that parking will be very difficult as so many people will be there to go surfing or to watch the waves and the surfers. (Nancy said she heard that the Narragansett police are considering closing part of the town beach because very dangerous rip currents are also expected along with the high surf.)

I hope that any thunderstorms either hit now or hold off until after the wedding because this couple wants to have the ceremony (and post-ceremony cocktail hour) outside on the new patio area. (The dinner and dancing, of course, would still be upstairs in the arch that crosses the street between the towers.)

We went to see Julie & Julia yesterday. It is a marvelous movie and I highly recommend it. (Don't go to see it on an empty stomach or you will be ravenous by the time it is over.) Nora Ephron did a great job a director and screen writer but it is Meryl Streep who is outstanding -- she becomes Julia Child. (Nancy and I were delighted to see Mary Lynn Rajskub playing a friend of Julie's; we have always enjoyed her as Chloe O'Brian on 24.

I am already looking forward to getting home from the Towers tonight. I do not feel well. Jeremy had some kind of a bug this week -- a summer cold? a virus? -- and last night, as I was lying in bed reading, almost on the verge of falling asleep, I realized that I felt just a tiny tickle feeling in my throat. This morning I woke up with a sore throat... and am beginning to feel kind sore all over, like I had put in hours of heavy yard work yesterday (but I didn't). Then, to top things off, this morning I reached for a cereal bowl and realized that Nancy had taken the last one from that shelf. There were larger cereal bowls on the shelf above, but I didn't want a huge breakfast, just a small bowl of cereal with fruit and milk... but I remembered having loaded the dishwasher last night and adding detergent, etc., so I opened it up and grabbed a bowl and spoon and fixed my cereal and sat down and had eaten almost all of it -- yeah, you know where this is going, right? -- when Nancy opened the dishwasher and said "This wasn't run last night. See, the detergent door is still closed."


So I threw away what was left of my cereal. Yuck!

Ah well, at least I am one of those people who carefully rinse dishes before I put them in the dishwasher, but still... it grossed me out. Perhaps I can hope the rest of the day will go well to balance things out.

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