Happy 3rd of July -- 07/03/09

Just think, if Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the Founding Fathers had completed deliberations one day sooner, our big national holiday might have been The Third of July. There would be 3rd of July picnics, 3rd of July parades, 3rd of July fireworks displays...

We did end June and start July with some impressive displays of thunder and lightning and rain... More than six inches of rain in just one day... I must admit the lawn is nice and green... but my garden has a lot of weeds because we've had so many rainy days over the past few weeks that I've not been out there weeding. That's one of my chores for today. It's mostly sunny today with only a fifty-fifty chance of a thunderstorm (and only thirty percent chance tomorrow).

Nancy has been down in Virginia most of this week -- a niece and her husband and kids are planning on moving back to New York and Nancy and her sister are down there to help with packing. She is coming back tonight on an overnight Amtrak train that is supposed to get here a little before seven. (I say "supposed to" because in my experience with Amtrak, just as with most airlines, their schedules are more like rough estimates than actual planned accomplishments.)

And then at 8:30 Jill and I are running in Camire's Running Soles annual Firecracker 4-miler. I don't think either of us is planning on shattering any personal records. Jill has been having some leg pain (shin splints?) and has cut way back on her running. I, on the other hand, have not been running enough to say that I've cut back on anything, so I will be just hoping to cover the four miles without falling down.

Jill says she still intends to run the 10 mile Blessing of the Fleet run (three weeks from today), although her plans have changed to running it for the experience rather than running it competitively. Despite my original intentions, I have not done anywhere near enough running to tackle that distance. There is a 10 mile walk as part of the event, so I may enter as a walker. (The last time I ran that race was back in 2005 when my brother and I ran it together.) Jill has been talking about wanting to try the Run Around the Block (a 15k run on Block Island in September) -- that's a run I've always wanted to try, so maybe if I could actually get my lazy legs into doing some real training I could get myself up to running it. I have heard it is a very tough race with lots of hills.

Okay, now that the monsoon season seems to be over, I've got lots of neglected garden chores to do, so I'd better go get busy...

Oh, if you're looking for a few minutes of amusement, here is Web Site Story (a musical spoof by CollegeHumor).

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