Thirty years -- 06/23/09

Thirty years ago Nancy and I got married.

That sounds like a long time... and yet it doesn't feel that long... it almost seems as if it were just a few years ago, certainly no more than a dozen or so...

Well, just five years ago today I posted an entry marking our 25th anniversary, so I can just point you towards that rather than retelling it again.

But wait, some of you may say, these pages have carried mention at various points over the past year or two about revisiting London as part of a 30th anniversary celebration.

Where are the travel plans?

Ah, well, I guess they've gone the way of the economy... We decided to put the money into our home... Thus, refurbishing of two bedrooms and the upstairs hallway late last year (both the walls and the floors). Oh, and then a few weeks ago we got a wood-burning stove insert for our fireplace. (Don't remember if I'd mentioned that or not? It should make things nice and toasty warm this winter.) And having those trees cut down. And we've been very busy doing gardening and landscaping (on those odd occasions when the weather hasn't been rainy) -- including getting some help from a pro -- and we are going to have new walkways put in (replacing the blacktop one from the driveway to the porch and adding a new walk from the sidewalk to the porch)... and then before winter we are going to have some major work done. (So I dunno about the government's economic stimulus program, but I think we are doing all that we can to boost the economy!)

There may be a vacation trip this summer involving a sea cruise, but it is probably going to be a trip on the Block Island Ferry (or perhaps the Martha's Vineyard Ferry) with an overnight stay in a B&B.... and London will have to wait a while.

Hey, and in just five years we'll have our 35th anniversary!

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