Too much April this June -- 06/18/09

We are having entirely too much April weather this June. Except for a day or so here and there, we have had day after day of cooler and rainier than average weather. Not day after day of all day rain, but day after day of "unsettled" conditions and some rain at some point.

Jill and I ran in the Katie de Cubellis 5k on Sunday morning. That's the one that was run in such hot weather last June (I had posted a brief video of the crowd at the start and of Jill coming to the finish line in my June 8th entry last year). Jill was just a second per mile short of running a full minute per mile faster than last year -- 7:38 per mile vs. 8:37 -- 23:40 for the full 5 kilometers (3.1 miles). She was 15th female finisher, placing 4th in the 19-29 age group.

And I had to pause here when I burst out laughing just now when I checked the results and saw my finish. It's not that I was slow (I was, although I was also almost two minutes faster overall than I had been in the race Jill and I ran a month or so ago) -- it's that I placed second in the 60-69 age group! We didn't stick around long after the race -- just long enough to drink a bottle of water and eat a few orange slices (oh, okay, so I had a little bit of ice cream as well -- Brickley's was giving away little dishes of their delicious ice cream) so I had no idea that apparently the really fast guys in my age group weren't there.

It was raining steadily when Jill and I set off for the race, but by race time it had slowed to just a light drizzle and then stopped during the race. By the time we were back in my car driving home the sun had come out and the rest of the day was warm and sunny. (But April hadn't gone away and most of the rest of the week has been cooler than average with scattered showers and it has rained most of the afternoon and evening today.)

I got to feeling experimental the other day. I had some leftover chicken (that had been marinated in spiedie sauce) and got to thinking that a pizza would be nice. However, I didn't feel like making a tomato sauce (and, although we usually do have a jar or two of pasta sauce in our pantry, I try to avoid the sodium content of most commercially manufactured food that is sold in cans and jars as much as I can) -- but I wondered if it would work out okay if I just sliced up fresh tomatoes and used them.

So I took a pair of pizza shells (yeah, I'm very lazy, store-bought pizza shells, thin and crispy style), smeared on a little bit of olive oil, sprinkled on some basil and oregano, added some shredded mozzarella and cheddar, popped it in the oven for a minute or two (to start the cheese melting), brought it out and added sliced tomato... and then covered the tomato with bite-sized pieces of chicken, sliced red onion, sliced green pepper, and a mix of mozzarella and parmasan cheese.

And it worked just fine. Tasted really good. The only problem was that the extra moisture from the fresh tomato slices kept the crust from being as crunchy as usual, but still tasted just fine. I don't think I would do it every time I make pizza, but I think I will definitely do it again. (Oh, okay, there's another problem -- those tomato slices are slippery before it is baked, so be careful to keep the pizza level so you don't lose some of them -- but now that I'm aware of that, I won't lose any again.)

Last entry I was critical of NOW for not saying anything about Letterman. I have to withdraw that complaint; it took them a couple of days, but they did speak out.

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