Memorial Day -- 05/25/09
Today is Memorial Day.

It originated in the aftermath of our bloody Civil War, a day to honor those who had given their lives. It was originally known as Decoration Day. I grew up knowing it by that name -- that's what my parents called it -- but eventually the name was changed to Memorial Day.

It was celebrated on May 30th when I was a child, but was moved to the last Monday in May by politicians in Washington whose desire for bribes campaign contributions was greater than their patriotism.
The flag flying at our house yesterday.
The association of poppies with Memorial Day came from the poem In Flanders Fields. Originally this was associated with Armistice Day -- the end of the First World War -- November 11th -- now celebrated in the U.S. as Veterans Day.

In the U.S. members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars accept donations for symbolic paper poppies in advance of Memorial Day.
Paper poppies on my rearview mirror.

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