Happy St. Patrick's Day! -- 03/17/09

Saturday was pi day (you know, March 14th -- i.e., 3.14...) For several years Nancy celebrated pi day with her 8th grade algebra students until school health policies ended that.
Food safety policy said no home-made foods could be eaten in school, so she couldn't have kids bring in pies (and round cakes and cookies) from home. Food had to come in cardboard and plastic wrap from factories via supermarkets. But then the school health policy said no to fattening foods like pies and cookies. However, as shown in the above picture, Jill baked a pie with the formula for the area of a circle: pi times the square of the radius.

This is a potato salad that Jill made a week or so ago -- topped with crumbled bacon and sliced hard-boiled eggs and some hot pepperonchini.

I was in a discussion somewhere recently about how almost anything was better with bacon on top. The photo is just to illustrate that point.

I was really knocked down by a cold last week -- I struggled through the week, but finally had to take Friday afternoon as half a sick day so I could just go to bed and get some sleep. (Yeah, I should have taken Tuesday or Wednesday off and probably would have recovered earlier. I guess I can be stubborn sometimes in refusing to give in to things.) Fortunately I was feeling better and was able to go over to 2nd Story Theatre with Jill on Saturday night to see their production of Willaim Inge's The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (really good production, by the way)
Intermission time doodling -- an ink sketch of a dragon done by Jill on her program. A happy stalk of celery (Jill drew the face with the tip of a knife and then put the celery in water to which she added blue food coloring.)

Sunday was the 72nd anniversary of the death of H. P. Lovecraft, noted author of chilling tales of horror (and a native of Providence, RI).

Every March 15th local Lovecraft afficionadoes gather at Ladd Observatory to honor his memory by reading from his works. (They also have a similar gathering around Halloween. They pick the obervatory because of Lovecraft's youthful desire for a carreer in astronomy.

And wishing you all a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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