Winter break -- 02/18/09

Jill abhors Valentine's Day, regarding it as a purely commercial event that is hyped by advertising to sell overpriced flowers and overpriced candy and overpriced jewelry and overpriced greeting cards, etc. She refuses to celebrate it in any way at all.

However, Saturday night she dipped some large fresh strawberries in melted chocolate (and then drizzled melted white chocolate over some of them for additional decoration). These are not to be considered to have any connection whatsoever to the commercial obscenity of Valentine's Day. Consider them to be in celebration of the Ides of February (which falls on February 13th) or President's Day (which was Monday, Feb. 15th) or just because there were lots of large strawberries on sale at a good price.

This week is "winter break" at Nancy's school. I took yesterday off from work and Nancy and I borrowed Jeremy's car (he drives a big Ford Windstar) and took a lot of stuff (three old mattresses, an old box spring, and the pieces of a broken desk) to the town dump (i.e., the town resource recovery and recycling, etc. center) where we were able to "dump" that stuff in exchange for an $87 fee. Then we went back home, loaded up two boxes of flooring that was left over from our upstairs remodeling project back in December, and returned it and bought five gallons of paint for future home decorating plans (painting our bedroom and the living room).

I showed pictures of Jeremy's pizzas a few entries back (actually I showed pictures of five but I think I missed taking a picture of a sixth one) and then one night last week Jill made pizza. (Yes, we do like pizza in our house.) Monday night I was in a pizza mood, so I quickly made a tomato sauce and made a couple of pizzas. (Unlike Jeremy, who usually makes his own dough, I used a pair of Momma Mary's thin and crispy pizza shells.) So, just to show off one of my pizzas, here's a picture.

Both pies had red onion and white onions, slices of red and yellow and green peppers, and pieces of chicken breast that had been marinated in spiedie sauce. In addition, this pie also had two mushrooms sliced up and one half of it also had some slices of pepperoni (that had been cut half). (Both pies had mozzeralla, provalone, cheddar, and Parmesan cheese.) I use "no salt added" canned ground tomatoes when I make my sauce which helps somewhat to make up for the sodium content of the shells and the cheese.

I worked on Tuesday and half of today (had an afternoon appointment to go over what's left of our retirement savings... *sob*) and then I'm taking vacation time for the rest of the week. Thursday morning Nancy and I are catching a train down to Washington... we plan on getting together for dinner one night with a niece who lives and works down there, but will spend most of our time in the Smithsonian complex, mostly looking at art. We're not taking any computer with us, so there certainly will not be an entry for at least the next three days.

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