Pier Plunge 2009 -- 01/01/09

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I did not jump into the water today. I had signed up, sent in my twenty bucks -- the Narragansett Lions Club runs the Pier Plunge to raise money for the Jonnycake Center (a charity that runs a food pantry, etc.) and other Lions Club supported charities (which, I believe, included the local animal shelter).

The Pier Plunge takes place on the Narragansett Town Beach (which is in the village of Narragansett Pier, although I do not believe there has been an actual pier there in many decades).

I took my first New Year's Day plunge on January 1st, 2003. I did it again in 2004 and again in 2005. skipped in 2006 because we were in upstate New York for a wedding and in 2007 because I had a cold, but plunged into the cold waters again in 2008. I was really set to do it again this year... but then we got about eight inches of snow yesterday and then the temperature went into free fall... with wind gusts of 40 miles an hour. We went up to Providence last night with Nancy's sister Janet and her husband Tom (to see a Broadway touring company's production of Mama Mia -- which was actually a lot of fun, a lively bit of enjoyable fluff for a New Year's Eve) and as we drove home we could see the temperature read-out on the dashboard slowly ticking downward (from the upper teens that it had been on our way up to Providence earlier)... 13... 12... 11... 10 -- and the forecast called for it to drop down into single digits overnight and remain windy.

So I decided to skip the swim this year. However, I did go over to Narragansett and took some video of those who did dare the cold weather... as I noted in the video, it was 16° F (-9° C) and, with that wind, it was painfully cold.

I didn't have all of the video I wanted -- my camera shut down a couple of times and I think it was because of the cold. All I know is that my hands were so cold from not wearing gloves while taking pictures that they were hurting me on my drive home. Ah well, I do hope to take the plunge again next year.

Happy New Year!

An introduction for those of you wandering in here from Holidailies for the first time: I'm just a middle-aged guy (but somehow I hit 65 on my last birthday) who lives in Rhode Island with my wife Nancy (a middle-school math teacher), daughter Gillian ("Jill" -- 26 yr old baker and part-time college student), son Jeremy (23 yr old restaurant cook and part-time college student), and Tiger (senior citizen cat). Eldest child Adam lives in New York City with his wife Leah and our grandsons Sam and Milo. I'm a programmer/systems analyst who got involved with software training and instructional design. I currently work from home doing quality assurance and editing on course material for both classroom courses and Web- based training courses for a very big computer company. I've been writing this online journal since 1996.

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