Fall back -- 11/02/08

"Fall back, spring ahead."

How many times have we heard that over the years?

And how many of us reset our clocks before we went to sleep Saturday night? And how many of us still don't have all of our clocks changed? (Yes, the clock in your car counts. No, the VCR and DVR and cable boxes do not count as long as they are just blinking "12:00" or "00:00" over and over just as they always do.)

Nancy and I worked at Kinney Bungalow for a wedding reception yesterday. This is the first time we've been there since back in the spring. (We were not available for much of the summer because of our trip to California followed by Nancy's foot surgery, and then it seemed as if all of our available times for that kind of thing were all booked at The Towers first.)

It was a pleasure to be there for this group of people. We think they were overall the most mellow and pleasant group of people we've met in the four years that we've been working at those two places. Polite, friendly, having a good time but always remembering that they were gathered to honor the bride and groom and to ensure that they had a wonderful wedding. There were a dozen children -- ranging from babies to perhaps middle school age. We often dread the thought of that many children at a wedding reception because often the parents are too busy partying to pay attention to the kids and the kids get out of control and run around being noisy and obnoxious -- and, of course, those parents do not want anyone telling their children not to do something. It is not only annoying, it can be dangerous with the massive staircase we have there. These children were all polite and well-behaved -- every single one of them. It was a delightful group of people.

I had my little point-and-shoot Olympus with me and could not resist taking a picture of this wicker basket in the office with the late afternoon sun streaming in a window. I love the texture and the sun and shadows.

Kinney Bungalow is located on a site called Sunset Farm because the area is noted for having very scenic sunsets. Here's a shot I took from the far end of the parking lot, the fields and pasture and woods already hidden by the dark of night contrasting with the last light of sunset along the horizon.

When Nancy and I got home we found that Jill was here (having stopped by to clean up after her Halloween costume construction project the previous day) and we settled down to watch a DVD of Stardust (based on the Neil Gaiman novel). Although obviously there are always pieces of a novel that must be tossed aside in order to turn a book into a movie (especially into a movie that will not be so long that nobody would sit through it), this movie felt very true to the novel (Gaiman had producer credit on the film so perhaps he was able to influence this).
I was so tired (having been woken by my sinuses about four a.m. and having been up since then) that I warned Nancy that I doubted that I could make it through the movie and I was just hoping to stay awake long enough to drink the glass of red wine I was holding. To make things worse (in a sleep inducing sense) Tiger curled up next to me to sleep. I did successfully drink my wine while still conscious, but from that point on I think I was awake for alternate scenes -- which can make it difficult to follow the action very closely. Fortunately, I had read the book, so things did sort of make sense all the way to the closing credits. It really was a shame to miss those scenes and I probably should try to watch it straight through without chopping it up with a series of one or two minute micro-naps.

Today we set off on another Sunday walk, this one in the afternoon and just short of three miles. It was quite a bit cooler than last Sunday, but still bright and sunny. It definitely looked and felt like autumn. Many trees are now past their peak but many others are still brightly colored, as were the ones picture here, yellow and orange leaves almost glowing in the golden sunshine....

Okay, my watch tells me it is ten o'clock but my body knows that would be eleven o'clock on the system we had been following just a day ago... so I'm going to FTP this and send a notify e-mail.

(p.s. No, I didn't forget to change the background back to blue -- I just thought I would leave the Halloween black in place for another day or so...)

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