Happy Halloween -- 10/31/08

This house is "in town" -- that is, it is actually in the village of Wakefield (the largest village in the Town of South Kingstown, sort of what passes for our urban core). I passed it while driving earlier this week and could not help but make a U-turn and stop to take a picture. That is a humungous spider on their fence. The black cat actually startled me -- once or twice a minute its head moves left or right.

Jill is having a Halloween party at her house. She was working on her costume at various points during the week here because she was using Nancy's sewing machine. No, she hasn't died her hair blonde, that's a wig. (Can you see the pointed elf ear sticking out?)

I believe that Eli is going to be wearing a matching costume, although I have not seen it. Even though Jill and Jeremy have been living in the same house (with three other friends) all year, I doubt that Jeremy will be wearing a costume. He never did enjoy costumes when he was a kid -- most years he'd grudgingly put on some relatively simple costume in order to go trick-or-treating, but he couldn't wait to get it off. Halloween costumes just weren't his thing. (Besides which, he is probably working tonight.)

If you recall having seen my den/home office in photographs (or in a video) here you may wonder where the futon has gone that formerly was placed right about where Jill is standing... well, it has gone off to our living room.

You see, the lease on the house where Jill and Jeremy have been living this year expires at the end of December and they have both decided that paying rent (and heat and electric and water and cable charges) each month is just too expensive, so they are moving back home when their lease expires. The empty nest is filling back up. In the meanwhile, Nancy had turned Jeremy's bedroom into her home office (which I dubbed "The Math Room") so I told her that rather than moving her desk back to our bedroom, she should move it down to my den... so I've moved the futon out to make room for her desk.

And, this being Halloween, I am writing this while also jumping up to answer the door and offer candy to the various creatures, pirates, clowns, hobos, princesses, football players, ballerinas, vampires, and other assorted creatures that keep ringing our doorbell.

(Why yes, now that you ask, I do happen to like all four kinds of candy that are in the bowl... and I might have to eat any leftovers.)

Tiger is most definitely not amused by this nonsense and will be quite happy when the doorbell stops ringing and tonight is over, although he has now relaxed to the point of sitting by his window and watching the trick-or-treaters making their way from house to house.

And what am I doing at home and Jill at a costume party on a Friday night when we should be in class? Well, by unanimous vote, the class decided to forego meeting in person tonight in favor of working on our various projects and discussing things in an online forum, etc. (Our instructor made that offer when she realized that a number of people in the class were of the age where they had young kids.)

It's a busy night tonight -- mild weather and tomorrow is Saturday -- the candy bowl was almost empty and I had to fill it up again.

Happy Halloween!

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