A quiet Sunday morning -- 10/12/08

A quiet Sunday morning...

The week ended with a busy Friday and Saturday.

Friday was busy because that is the night Jill and I are taking that Flash course. I stop work earlier than usual (which is not a problem because I always have more than forty hours in by then) so that we can get ready, gather our stuff, and leave early enough to allow for traffic congestion in the Providence area, and arrive at class fifteen minutes or so early. Class is from 6:30 until 9:30. Drive back home, stopping at a large supermarket to pick up some stuff Jill needed to make a pumpkin pie. So here we are in a huge supermarket about fifteen miles from home, ten o'clock on a Friday night, more employees in the store than customers, and we run into Lia, one of Jill's best friends. (In fact, for almost a year, back in high school days, Lia lived with us.) This turned a quick supermarket visit into a social occasion and so we didn't get home until much later than we had planned. We were hungry when we got home so we had something to eat, I read a book, Jill baked a pumpkin pie, threw in a load of laundry she had brought over from her place, went to bed. I stayed up too late reading... and then when I went to bed, I couldn't get to sleep until very late.

Saturday became a very sleepy day for me. Tiger, of course, does not read calendars and sees no reason why his human staff should not get up at the usual time to feed him breakfast. Then I had to hit the supermarket -- Yes, I know, I had been in one the night before, but I needed deli and produce and prefer to buy that stuff in a particular local market -- and other shopping errands as well. We were having Eli's family over for dinner Saturday night and so Saturday afternoon was food prep time. In the meanwhile, Jill and Eli went to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire for the afternoon. When they got back Jill took some heavy cream and whipped it into whipped cream to top the pumpkin pie... and she also made a dip while I was putting the hors d'oeuvres in the oven. So we had a wonderful evening of eating and talking and drinking wine and more eating...

In case you are interested (and, I guess, even if you aren't) the menu was:
  • Asparagus (with a pinch of Parmesan cheese) wrapped in prosciutto and baked
  • Bruschetta (bread, olive oil, basil, chopped red onion, tomato, and peppers (green, red, orange) baked at 450 until toasted)
  • Garlic bread
  • Jill's dip (salsa and cream cheese mixed together, topped with mozzerella, baked until bubbly) served with tortilla chips
  • Salmon patties
  • Salad of mixed mesclun greens with sliced tomato and red onion
  • Lasagna -- two kinds -- one with spinach and ground turkey and one with just spinach
  • For dessert -- apple pie and pumpkin pie (with whipped cream)
I was so tired I don't think I even opened a book when I got in bed, just closed my eyes and fell asleep.

And now it is a quiet Sunday morning and I'm going to go have some breakfast with Nancy and read the Sunday paper. This afternoon we'll be off to The Towers to be attendants at a wedding. That will keep us busy probably until about eleven o'clock tonight. Yes, we've done a lot of weddings recently. That's because we skipped a couple of months because of our California trip and then Nancy's foot surgery, so we were sort of making up for that by doing it more frequently. However, this is probably the last Towers event we will do for a while. We are scheduled to cover an afternoon wedding on November 1st at Kinney Bungalow -- but that is the end of events there until spring. The Bungalow is not heated -- it had been built for parties after polo matches -- and so its usual season is from late April until mid-October. (This November 1st wedding is unusually late -- and I'm sure they are hoping the weather will be mild that weekend.) The Towers, however is heated, and events are held there all year, although winter is the slow season and there is also usually a mid-winter period when it is closed for maintenance.

And Nancy has tomorrow off because schools are closed for the Columbus Day holiday -- and I'm taking a vacation day. I like three-day weekends.

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