In my office -- 08/11/08

A year ago I picked up my digital camera, set it to video mode, and recorded a little video tour of this room in which I spend so much of my time, my home office. I made it with the thought of putting it here on my Web page -- or, rather, putting it on Youtube with a link to it here.

It was a few seconds over two minutes long and, as an AVI file, tipped the scales at just under 83 megabytes. Obviously, that was a bit too big. I knew I'd need to do something to shrink it down. And I got busy with other stuff and completely forgot that it existed.

Recently I stumbled upon that AVI file again. Yesterday I copied it over to the machine that I have Windows Movie Editor on (don't have a copy on this machine), and turned it into a .wmv file -- and then uploaded it to Youtube. It runs about 2:20 with title and (for those of you who are not running broadband) is just short of 6 MB.

I find the sound of my voice to be very annoying. Yes, I know, this is because our voices sound deeper and more resonant to us inside our heads when we are speaking than they do when we play back a recording. Knowing that does not keep me from being annoyed. However, I also know there is no point in doing it over because I would be equally annoyed with the results of doing it over. So what you see and hear is just an unrehearsed casual picking up of the camera to see what would happen.

My office still looks pretty much as it did a year ago. I moved Tiger's chair to the middle window... and added a folded blanket on it so it would be more comfortable for him. I found I wasn't using the third computer so I removed its monitor and now have one set of monitor, keyboard, mouse on my desk and one set on the table. Eliminating the second set on the table allowed me to move my flatbed scanner and my office telephone to the table.

I must confess to being deeply moved by the tens of thousands who took to the streets to picket the Russian embassies and consulates around the U.S. and in other nations as well in protest against the brutal and unprovoked Russian military aggression in Georgia. I was especially inspired by the brave stand taken by Moveon.org and Code Pink in calling for the Russians to pull their troops out of Georgia immediately. And wow! -- that huge puppet they were carrying that looked like Putin with blood dripping from his fangs....

Oh... wait... I didn't see any coverage of that. I guess it was because of the heavy news coverage of the strong demands by the European Union and the amazingly united and overwhelming condemnation at the United Nations. Yes, see those Russian tanks turning around in fear that a European Parliament committee might be appointed to study the question.

Well certainly Israel can look at the swift and effective way world opinion instantly stopped the Russian military machine and know that there no need for them to premptively take out the Iranian nuclear sites because the power of world opinion will be just as effective in preventing the Iranians from using an atomic bomb on Israel as it was in stopping Russian agression against Georgia.

Excuse me... I was just overcome by a fit of sarcasm.

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