Tonight -- 07/21/08

Tonight... well, nothing much is happening... Just hanging out...

I should have worked until five, but I worked until a few minutes past six. Mostly because I really wanted to finish what I was working on, but also because I wanted to get in some extra time because Nancy is going to have foot surgery on Wednesday to repair a bunion problem. (And, based on how it works out for her, I may then follow suit and finally get around to having surgery on the bunions that have increasingly bothered me for the past few years but which I have been trying to ignore.)

So, then I dashed off to the supermarket to buy stuff for dinner (pork chops... thin-sliced boneless center cut chops, not a lot, just under half a pound total, a touch of garlic, sauteed in a tablespoon or so of olive oil, then add a thinly sliced plum and a couple of sliced mushrooms, and a little marsala wine and then toward the end add some more marsala wine... remove the pork chops to the plates, add a little bit more wine, a dusting of flour, a splash of heavy cream, a teaspoon of butter... cook quickly and stir... then pour plum and mushroom slices and gravy over mashed potatoes and pork chops. Serve with a mesclun mix salad and corn-on-the-cob.) I enjoy buying something and playing with it in the kitchen until I get something interesting to eat.

Jill came by just before dinner was ready (had I realized she was coming over I would have fixed something she would eat -- she always says she would be a vegetarian except chicken tastes too good) and she brought some vegetarian sushi (from SushiGo at Belmont, which she ate, along with our corn-on-the-cob) and she gave me the accompanying ginger and wasabi (I love that hot spicy stuff -- my sinuses should be clear for the rest of the month!) And, if this is not too parenthetical, let me add that she came by a little before nine p.m.... yeah, we tend to eat late in the summer. I guess I haven't mentioned that after coming back from the supermarket I worked out -- lifted weights, ran a mile, used the exercise bike in the basement, lifted more weights, started dinner, took a shower, came back down and finished cooking. (How does Nancy put up with me? It's easy... I shop and cook.)

And now Jill has gone back to her place and Nancy is in the living room reading a Nora Roberts novel (one of the several hundred that I swear that woman must have written) while listening to light classical music via cable television (I think it is currently something by Maiskovsky or Miskovsky or something like that). So how come, if they have more than forty channels of music, they don't have a channel specializing in doo-wop music from the fifties? Or even just a channel for the fifties? Nope. They have light classical (and, I suppose, heavy classical?) and country-and-western and adult contemporary and easy listening and hip-hop and rap and motown and blues and jazz and the 90s and the 80s and the 70s and golden oldies (by which they mean the seventies with perhaps a bit of 1968 and 69) and then they jump back to swing & big band. Why can't they have a fifties channel? (Or a pre-Beatles rock and pop channel?)

So how come I leave such big gaps between entries. I guess it's just because I don't sit down in front of the computer and just type.

Like this.

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