Jill & Eli & The James Joyce Ramble -- 04/28/08

Jill and Eli ran the James Joyce Ramble yesterday.

A side porch on the Endicott Mansion
A stretch limousine made from a Subaru. For some reason, this just struck me as being very amusing. (Not to put them down; I like the Forrester... and they did sponsor the race... but really, a Subaru limo?)
Yes, I'm afraid I didn't run it. I have just not been getting in the mileage that I would need to run a 10k. Heck, I probably shouldn't even be allowed in a 5k! In fact, I was going to run in the South County Hospital 5k on Saturday -- in lieu of the Ramble -- but since I was not really fully recovered from the cold I had last week, I decided against running that one as well.

So I served as chauffeur as well as holder and carrier of stuff for Jill and Eli. That is, I drove us up to Dedham (a suburb of Boston, not quite an hour and a half drive on a Sunday morning) and walked from the designated parking lot to the race venue (somewhere around 2/3 or3/4 of a mile) and then, after the race began, carried their stuff back to the car, then jogged back again. After the race I ran back to the car to get sweatshirts for them... and then later we all walked back to the car. Eli told me that I had put in enough miles that I should have run the race after all. Actually, what I should have done is brought a backpack to hold stuff and then I needn't have gone back and forth to the car.
I was taking pictures using my digital camera and also Jill's camera. (Haven't yet seen any of the pictures from her camera.)

On a whim I used the video option on my camera to take some .avi video of the start of the race. Today, just for fun, I stuck it into Windows Movie Editor (or whatever it is called -- it is on the other machine) and edited it back to about 40 seconds and cut the overall size and and loaded it to youtube.
The start of the 2008 James Joyce Ramble 10k road race.

The winning male was Mark Miller in 30:11 (4:52 per mile pace). The fastest woman was Mary Proulx in 35:53 (5:47 per mile pace). Jill ran quite well (especially considering her lack of suficient training), finishing about in the middle. They used RFID chips for runners to attach to their shoes, so they could show time from start signal to finish line plus actual time from start line to finish line (if you watched the video you saw how slowly the pack gets moving) and that shows that half a minute elapsed before she crossed the start line -- 58:06 on the timing clock but actually just 57:33 start to finish (a 9:16 per mile pace).
In the photo below, Eli and Jill doing a self-portrait routine with Jill's camera...

Historical note -- Jill and I ran the race in 2005 -- a description of the race and photographs in the following entry.

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