Saying goodbye to 2007 -- 12/31/07

This brings my total to fourteen...
This is the time of year when almost all of us think back about the year just completed and make resolutions about the new year just ahead. (Of course I find that every year I am more and more amazed at just how blindingly fast the brand new year zips past and turns into a completed year, each year passing faster than the one before.)

Newspapers and magazines and such always seem to need to fill their pages with top ten lists: the top ten movies, the top ten books, the top ten songs, the top ten news events, etc. Some years I glance through them and some years I totally ignore them, but I'm not tempted to try to emulate them. (I will, however, probably use one or two of the best movie lists to help select films for our Netflix queue.)

I don't feel any need to come up with a decimal list... but I am going to indulge myself in thinking about this year that is winding to a close.

The major event in our lives this year was the arrival of our new grandson, Milo. And Nancy and I have really enjoyed being able to do things with Adam & Leah and both of our grandsons (like this and this). We've also been quite pleased with the way we've been able to spend time with family and the way we've been able to explore interesting places here in our own area. It's also interesting to note the changes technology has brought. Not that long ago, having my employer close the office where I work could have meant either finding a new job or having to pack up and relocate -- but now, all it meant was that I became an official work-from-home employee rather than one who only bothered to come to the office two or three times a month. I've got to admit that was pretty cool.

Physically, 2007 was a bit more of a pain... actually, multiple pains. Gee, this whole getting old thing is a pain. (Okay, considering the alternative, I suppose I'll accept the pains.) Physical therapy did help me get with my problem of pulled leg muscles -- and also has taught me a bit about do-it-yourself care for such injuries in the future. Physical therapy was not quite that successful with my bursitis in my left shoulder. I'm going to continue with the various stretching exercises I learned in physical therapy but if it does not go away completely I will seek out a cortisone shot. My biggest concern at present, however, is my bunion problem... I think it is finally getting to the point where I am willing to think about surgery.

Oh, and this morning's colonoscopy procedure went fine. As those of you who have had it know, the only real annoyance is the day of preparation. Nancy drove me the hospital where I got to wear one of those open back hospital gowns, spell my name and recite my date-of-birth and reason for being there at least half a dozen times (which makes a lot more sense -- avoiding performing the wrong operation on the wrong patient -- than the pointless and annoying TSA nonsense we are forced through at airports), had an IV hooked up, got wheeled into another room, spoke with the doctor for a minute or two, had an oxygen thing put by my nose (at least that's what I think it was), was told they were going to start the anesthesia into my IV, and was asked to roll onto my left side --- and then they asked me to roll onto my back and they began wheeling me into the recovery room where Nancy was waiting. I have absolutely no memory of any part of the colonoscopy, not a even a hint. After a few minutes the doctor stopped by to tell me I was fine. He had removed one small polyp -- showed me a diagram and a photograph -- but said it was nothing to worry about. In five years I will need to make an appointment to do it again.

It is going to be a quiet New Year's Eve at our house. Just Nancy and me and Tiger. We're going to have a simple dinner (some leftover lasagna) and spend the evening sipping wine and (probably) watching Battlestar Galactica. The DVD has the first four installments (from the 2004 series) of the new version of the show. We had this DVD back in the early autumn and while watching the first episode we realized that this was not the actual beginning of the series; it was the first full season, but things had actually begun with a miniseries the previous year. Since then we have managed to watch the three hours (or so) of the 2003 miniseries that launched the show and now we have returned to the 2004 season. I had been thinking about watching this on the weekend and saving a couple of episodes from season five of 24 for tonight but we just couldn't resist watching three episodes of 24 on Saturday night so that leaves us with Battlestar Galactica for tonight. I thought the miniseries was okay but it is not close to Firefly or 24.Well, it it does not hold our interest, there would probably be something watchable on HBO-on-demand... and we both have a stack of to-be-read books. Yeah, wild times on New Year's Eve here in Rhode Island!

Happy New Year!

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