Avoiding the scatological -- 12/30/07

This brings my total to thirteen...
I am attempting to avoid the temptation to indulge in scatological humor. Let me just say that I am scheduled to have a colonoscopy exam tomorrow morning and today I am "enjoying" a diet of coffee, tea, water, white grape juice, lemon Jello, and clear chicken broth. In another hour or so I get to begin taking laxatives.

As I noted a few days ago, we are continuing to enjoy a pleasant Christmas week. Okay, so up until today I have been enjoying things -- today and tomorrow morning scoring as somewhat less delightful -- but I am scheduled for this as a morning procedure and so I should be back home by noon, enjoying a bit of real food and then a nap. (This is just a standard screening -- the kind of thing they start telling you to do when you hit fifty. So it took me a few years to listen.)

Well, at least I might start the new year a pound or two lighter than I was yesterday.

I got a new pair of running shoes for Christmas and ran a mile on Christmas Day -- which felt good. I am going to have to get seriously back into running, but I think I have to give some serious thought to having surgery to repair my bunion problem on my left foot. It does not hurt a lot when I run, but it hurts a lot afterwards. Thursday I got in a good workout on the stationary bike in the basement while Nancy used the treadmill.

On Saturday,. Jill and Eli and I drove up to Boston to the Museum of Fine Arts. (Nancy had planned on coming with us, but it turned out that her sister Clara was going to be in Rhode Island this weekend, so Nancy decided to stay behind for a sisterly visit.) Our original plan was to drive to South Attleborough (just across the border into Massachusetts) and take a commuter train, but we just missed the 11:30 train and, since it was a weekend, the next train wouldn't be until 1:05, so I just drove the rest of the way (only about another 45 miles).

I've not gone for a New Year's Day swim since 01/01/05 (in 2006 we were in upstate New York for a wedding and this past January 1st I had a touch of a cold and decided that it was probably not a good idea.. But I had started the new year with the Narragansett Pier Plunge each of the three preceding New Year's Days, so I am strongly tempted to return to that tradition. I have printed an entry form from their Web page so I am all set if I do decide to do it.

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